Introducing Canva for Soap Label designs

Soap Daze Label

Canva is a free and fairly straightforward to use graphic design app that you can use in a browser on your computer.

I used it to re-design all my labels. My soap packaging pre-Canva was very complicated, involving way too many different wraps and ribbons. I had a good cull/overhaul to make things simpler.

Having absolutely no graphic design or art background skills, with a bit of perseverance, I found it pretty straightforward.

There are many different frames/labels to choose, and you can upload your own background to sit behind your label, or use one of Canva’s. Most are free, or they cost less than £1.

The beautiful turquoise image I used is courtesy of Irish designer Laura Hogan.

If you use the app on your laptop, there seem to be more features available, such as ‘custom size’, useful if you are having images printed professionally.

I use glossy adhesive paper for my labels, and print them at home with a bog standard inkjet printer, or you could use good quality card stock.

Alternatively you can get The Soap Kitchen to print them for you but you do need to register to be able to see and buy them.

You can find Canva at

Happy designing!

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