Homemade Face Paint Recipe

How to make your own face paints?

With the summer holidays looming and the prospect of six weeks at home with the children, the question of keeping them entertained comes to mind.

Instead of picking up an expensive face paint kit with questionable ingredients that might not be good for the skin. Why not try making your own. You’ve probably got all these ingredients in the house already or for soap making.

IngredientsWhat you need:


  1. Start by making a base for the face paints by mixing together equal parts corn flour and lotion until it forms a thick mixture. Add the vegetable oil, which helps stop the paint caking. It needs to be smooth and not too watery.
  2. Spilt the mixture into the small containers and add a small amount of colouring until you get the desired depth of colour.
    food colouring2 col
  3. Apply using face sponge or lip brushes for details.
    paint 1


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