Top 6 books for Soap Making

If you are looking to make natural soap then these books for soap making are a good starting point.

All of these books for soap making also make lovely gifts for a keen soap maker.


The Natural and Hand Made Soap Book by Sarah Harper

Make beautiful handmade soap without the all the chemicals found in commercial products… and not just bath soaps and shampoo bars but also homemade washing powder and even dishwasher soap bombs – the only book to cover it all! The natural products you can make from this book are not only kinder to your skin; they are also better for the planet, helping you to achieve a less chemical-filled, lower impact lifestyle.

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The Natural Soapmaking Handbook by Marina Tadiello and Patrizia Garzena

Starting with fundamental ingredients, additives, tools, equipment, safety precautions and workplace setup, the Handbook covers all modern handmade “paste” methods to manufacture as natural as possible, skin-soothing, eco-friendly, sustainable soaps.

Many different processes all accurately illustrated with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Advanced techniques for specialty soaps range from liquid soapmaking to milk, butter and honey soap; from layered and swirled soaps to composite soaps and embeds.

Clear instructions for reclaiming, reshaping and rebatching all kinds of soap complement the authors’ super-accurate troubleshooting guide to making the most of every batch.

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Smart Soapmaking by Anne L. Watson

Maybe you’ve made melt-and-pour soap and want to move on to something more challenging and rewarding. Maybe traditional soapmaking appeals to you, but you figure that working with lye is too difficult or dangerous. Or maybe you’re already doing it, but outmoded ideas and methods are complicating the process and slowing you down.

No matter which of these fits you, you’ll find Smart Soapmaking practical, helpful, and refreshing. Written by a former professional soapmaker, this book explodes the myths about soapmaking and shows you how to make luxurious soap with the least fuss and bother.

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Make Your Own Natural Soaps – All Vegetable & Herbal Recipes by Maxine Clarke

The author, Maxine Clarke grew up in Jamaica and as a child was taught to make soaps by her grandmother. They grew all the plants they needed to scent and colour their soaps and even used wood ash from the stove to make caustic potash. This background helped Maxine develop a passion for soap making and a unique type of natural soaps and toiletries, both of which she shares in ‘Make Your Own Natural Soaps’. It is intended for beginners, includes both hot and cold process soap making, with careful step-by-step instructions. There are extensive bar, liquid and cream soap recipes, full details of the equipment needed to make a start and a re-batching chapter just in case anything goes wrong! And for anyone interested in turning their new skills to profit there is information on the legislation and regulations you need to comply with to be able to sell soap.

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Make your own soap by Joy James

This step-by-step soap making book has full instructions showing you how to make three different recipes of homemade ‘cold-process’ soap. Contains over 30 full colour photographs of every single stage of the soap making process. Learn to make your own gorgeous soap in the comfort of your own home. The soaps in this book can easily be made in your own kitchen, using utensils that you’ve most likely got already. Each step of the process is explained fully and there are step-by-step photographs of every stage. There are also photos and descriptions of all the ingredients and utensils you’ll need, including 8 base oils, 5 additives, 2 essential oils and a fragrance oil. It then goes on to describe the basic soap making process in full detail, and has a soap troubleshooting guide at the back, together with a comprehensive list of suppliers for the UK, EU, USA, Canada and Australia, as well as links to useful soap making forums online.

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The Soapmaker’s Companion: A Comprehensive Guide with Recipes, Techniques & Know-How

In this comprehensive guide, Susan Miller Cavitch covers everything you need to know to make your own soaps. Learn the basic techniques for crafting oil-, cream-, and vegetable-based soaps, and then start experimenting with your own personalised scents and effects. Cavitch provides tips for making more than 40 different speciality soaps, showing you how to design colourful marbled bars and expertly blend ingredients to create custom fragrances. You’ll soon be making luxurious soaps at a fraction of the cost of boutique products.

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