Weight v Volume

Is there a difference between weight v volume? Is weight and volume not the same thing?

The simplest and easiest way to answer the difference between weight v volume is to think about a cup of feathers and a cup of rocks. You know these two things don’t weight the same even though they have the same volume.

weight v volume

Accuracy when measuring

In the pursuit to make the perfect product, whether its soap, lotion, cream or other toiletries, measuring ingredients can make an important difference.

Weight – is the heaviness, or mass, of an item and is measured using a set of scales. When purchasing ingredients by weight you can be sure that you are getting the same amount each time you order.

Volume – is the space that the item takes up. Commonly used to measure liquid or what your packaging containers hold.

Most recipes here at the Soap Making Magazine and on the Soap Kitchen website have ingredients measured in weight and not volume. It is important to realise that even when measuring oil and other liquids they have different densities, like feathers and rocks, some are heavier than others. This means that you should never mix the two methods when measuring materials, but stick to the one that is most accurate, weight.

Density can also be affected by heat and pressure. If a substance is heated it makes the molecules move faster causing the substance to expand and decreasing its density. Likewise when pressure is put on to a substance the molecules are forced together and increase the density.

In Conclusion

When ordering your ingredients it is important to know how much you need and to read recipes and instructions carefully before you start making your product, or you could end up with a mess.

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