Make your own Fragrant Candles

There are several candle kits available from The Soap Kitchen and they make the perfect gift for Mothers Day, birthdays or any other special occasion. They are really easy to use so we thought we would show you how to make your own fragrant candles using one of our kits.

The Lavender Soy Candle Kit


The kit contains soy container wax, 2 tins with lids, 2 pre cut waxed sustainers, essential or fragrance oil, a candle dye chip, wick holders and some wax glue.

To make the candles you need a hob, double boiler, protective gloves, apron, thermometer and a bowl of hot water. If you don’t have a double boiler you can use a small saucepan in a larger saucepan.

How to make your own Fragrant Candle


1. Melt the wax in the double boiler.



2. Warm up the tins in the bowl of hot water.



3. Using the wax glue, stick the flat metal end of the sustainers to the inside middle bottom of the tin.



4. Gently slide the wick holder to make sure your wick is central and straight.



5. Once the wax is melted to the correct temperature add as much of the coloured wax dye chip as required.


Add oil

6. Leave the wax to cool and add the essential oil.


7. Fill 80% of each tin and keep 20% melted in the pan.


8. Once the candle has cooled enough for a surface skin to form, pierce the skin and fill the tin with the remainder of your wax.


9. Leave to cool preferably overnight and cut the wick to ¼”.


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