#MakeItMonday- Home Made Face Paint!

#MakeItMonday – Handmade Face Paints 

It’s the run up to the famous annual Notting Hill Carnival this week and it’s on my mind for #MakeItMonday. Are you one of the many lucky ones with plans to hit up the streets of Kensington and Chelsea this weekend to join in on the vibrant festivities? I wish I was! Instead, I’m going to make today’s ‘make it’ recipe all about the colour and dress up which creates the fabulous spectacle that Notting Hill is renowned for.  Today I’m here to help all you last minute preppers with my handmade face paint recipe and be reassured, there’s glitter involved.


Equipment you will need:

Small 100ml Containers (you will need 1 for every colour you intend on making)

A Mixing Utensil


A Small Mixing Bowl




*These measurements are to make enough for 1 colour only*

1tsp Pecogel

1tbsp Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel Base

¼tsp Glycerine

1tsp Mica Pigment (Lots of colours available on our website)


Step 1

Grab your mixing bowl and add 1 teaspoon of your chosen colour or glitter. Go bright I dare you!

Step 2

Add 1 teaspoon of Pecogel to the mix and stir in thoroughly.

If you’re not familiar with this ingredient, Pecogel is a film former that when added to your face paint mixture, will create a water-resistance film to stop your fabulous designs from smudging or sweating away.  A perfect addition to the mix you’re going to be partying all day.

Step 3

Add in your ¼ teaspoon of Glycerine and continue to mix.

Step 4

One last ingredient and you’re done! Add in your tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel. Mix all this together and voila! You have your first colour or glitter face paint.  Pop this in its small container, ready for the big day.


To create more colours or glitters, just repeat these steps and transfer to its small container for storing. You can paint these on free-hand with your paintbrushes or we have stencils available online also.

If you use this recipe and love it, why not show us your photos!? You can tag us on Instagram using @thesoapkitchenuk or post them on our facebook page. I would really love to see your colourful creations.

Enjoy and have fun at Notting Hill or whatever occasion you’re attending, even if it is just at home!

Lots of love from in The Soap Kitchen


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