#MakeItMonday – Homemade Sea Salt Shampoo and Texturizing Spray

Our so called ‘Summer’ is officially over and I can safely say, I’ve spent more time preparing for this weeks ‘make it’ than I have out in the sun.


This, however, has got me thinking about all the beach babes and natural beauties that manage to keep up their look all year round, especially when the seaside is looking a little bleak!  So this week I give you not one but TWO make it yourself recipes. These two super simple recipes are the best combo for some effortless styling and also the perfect way to give your hair and scalp some TLC i.e. a breather from your straighteners and Tongs!

Natural beauty is on the rise, as well as knowing what goes into your beauty products! Well, these two recipes contain lots of natural and organic ingredients, so let’s get making and show that we don’t need the beach or the warm sun to create that fresh look.

Stay tuned to the end of the article, as I and a couple of other Soap Kitcheners have spent the weekend using these in order to give you the honest review!

Equipment needed:

Mixing Bowl

Measuring Utensils  (Tablespoon and Cups)

Mixing Utensils (E.g Whisk)

Storage Bottles and Containers-

  • We stored the shampoo in one of these clear PET jars, this mixture makes enough to fill a 200ml jar, but CLICK HERE to check out the whole range here.
  • We stored the spray in a clear PET bottle and used this Atomiser Top to make it easy to use. The recipe here makes enough to fill this 200ml bottle, but CLICK HERE to check out the whole range.

Ingredients for the Sea Salt Shampoo:

8 Tbsp. Coarse Sea Salt

½ cup of Organic Shampoo Base

1 Tbsp. Macadamia Oil


5 drops Essential Oil for Fragrance (I mixed Lemon and Lime)

2 Tbsp. Lemon Juice  (Lightens Hair)


Ingredients for the Sea Salt Texturizing Spray:

1 Tbsp. Aloe Vera Gel

1 Tbsp. Fractionated Coconut Oil

2 Tbsp. Coarse Sea Salt

1 ½ Cups of Warm Water


Instructions – Sea Salt Shampoo:

Step 1

Start by adding 8 tbsp. of Coarse Sea Salt to your mixing bowl. This sea salt will not only give you that beachy texture to your hair but It will also massage and exfoliate any dead skin cells on your scalp.


Step 2

Pour your Organic Soap Base into the bowl and thoroughly mix with sea salt. There is also a basic soap base available if you don’t wish to use Organic.


Step 3

Add 1 tbsp. of Macadamia Oil to the mixture. Because sea salt is known to dry out your hair, the Macadamia is added to counteract that and keep your locks feeling smooth and nourished.

Thoroughly mix this into your shampoo base and salt.


Step 4

These last two ingredients are optional and all you need to is add them into your mixture and give it a really good stir.

Add 5 drops of essential oil to fragrance your shampoo. I chose lemon and lime for mine!

Pour in 2 tbsp. of lemon juice. This ingredient will encourage your hair to lighten and bring out any natural highlights you may have, especially in the sun! So this is perfect for any blondes wanting to brighten their hair.

Now on to you new go to styling product…


Instructions for Sea Salt texturizing spray:

Step 1

Mix the Aloe Gel and Coconut Oil together. Make sure your coconut oil is fractionated else the oil will separate from your mixture and harden.


Step 2

Add 2 tbsp. of coarse sea salt and give it a mix.


Step 3

Now you have your mixture of Gel, Salt and Oil, pour in 1 and ½ cups of warm water and stir mixture until the salt has dissolved.


Step 4

Pour your mixture into a plastic bottle and spritz away! It is essential that you get a spray top for your bottle for easy usage 🙂

* These ingredients for both recipes will separate so make sure you give the finished product a good mix or shake before you use it

* Because of the roughness of sea salt, I recommend only using the shampoo once or twice a week. This is the perfect amount of usage for keeping your locks clean and making sure that you don’t over exfoliate your scalp.


I made these recipes on Friday so me and a few more Soap Kitcheners could test them and give you our honest reviews! I loved the exfoliation I got from the shampoo, it gave me the feeling I was getting a really deep clean. Romy, from our sales department, also loved the shampoo and found it really refreshed her hair. Carol from the warehouse, however, wasn’t too keen on the feel of the coarse sea salt and would have preferred a finer salt, but still got a great cleaning effect from the shampoo.

As far as the spray, it didn’t work too well on my hair as I have quite a blunt cut, but Brodie, from our sales department, got on a lot better with it due to her more layered style and ended up with some great beachy waves.

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