Halloween Week- Hair-raising Bleeding Hand Candle

At the Soap Kitchen, we had a ‘burning’ desire to make a hand candle this week and this special recipe is a really ‘Handy’ one for your Halloween preparations. Your scary décor is going to look particular freaky with this new addition.

Hair Raising Bleeding Hand Candle

Be careful though as this recipe and final outcome can get really hot!


You will need…

White Pillar Wax to melt (Soy Wax (Nature wax Elite 300) Pillar Blend)

4 Red Pillar Candles

A Rubber Glove

A Hob and Pan to Melt the Wax

A Thermometer



A Tall Jug or Something Similar to attach your glove to



Step 1

Prepare your glove by inserting the 4 red pillar candles into each finger of the glove. Make sure that the wick end goes in first.

Step 2

Now you have the candles inside the glove, grab your tall jug as a base to hang the glove from. Put your glove inside the jug and wrap the top of the glove around the edge of the jug. Use tape to hold this in place.

Like ours, you may find that your red candles are longer than the glove.  If this is the case, cut them down so that they are level with the top of the glove. This is so that the candle will stand better once you have completed this recipe.


Step 3

Now you need to melt your white pillar wax on the hob. Make sure you overlook this process at all times. You will also need to use your thermometer to test the temperature.  You should do this by removing the pan from the hob before your wax has completed melted and that way you are testing the true temperature of the liquid. The correct melting temperature for the pillar wax used in this recipe is 73 degrees Celsius. Make sure the temperate of the wax does not exceed this temperature as burning and smoke will occur. If you are using other wax, make sure you refer to your supplier for the correct melting points as they may differ.


Step 4

Once your wax has melted, remove from the pan from the hob. In this step, you will need to continue to monitor the temperature of your wax. This is because each type of wax has a correct pouring temperature. The wax we have used in this recipe has a pouring temperature of 63 degrees Celsius. Again, if you are using a different wax, you will need to check with your supplier for the correct temperatures.

If you don’t monitor the temperature of your wax, it could be too hot to pour and therefore will melt your glove, or if too cool, it could be too thick to pour!

Filling glove with melted wax Step 5

Once your wax has lowered to the right pouring temperature, slowly pour the wax into the glove and around the red pillar candles until you have completely filled the glove.

Step 6Hardened Wax Candle

Leave to stand until the wax has completely hardened. Our wax took around 4/5 hours to harden.

Step 7

Once the wax has hardened, remove the glove from your jug base and use scissors to cut away the rubber glove, revealing your spooky hand!

Step 8

Last but not least! Reveal the wicks of the red pillar candles from the end of each finger so that you can light your hand candle! You can do this by scraping away the wax or melting it slightly with a lighter.

Releasing the wicks

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