Halloween Week- Shrunken Head In A Jar

One of my favourite things about Halloween are the tricks, plastic spiders hidden away, scary films and jumps! If like me, you also love these (loving) pranks, this recipe is for you!

Head In Jar Prank

It’s super easy to make these shrunken heads and they are a great spook, especially if you strategically hide them in the back of the fridge! So get creepy, and prepare some tricks to go with your treats!

You will need:

  • Photographs of your victim from both sides on the head, and face on.
  • A container (We used this plastic tub) But you can use any see-through, watertight container!
  • Water
  • Colourant (We used these liquid colours) But you could also use food colourants!
  • A printer
  • A laminator
  • Photo-editing software

If you don’t have photo-editing software (as most of us don’t!) we have pre-edited a few spooky images, so just click to download these and jump straight to step three!

Dracula Head In A Jar Download










How to make:

Step One

You will need to photograph your victim from either side of their face, and head on. If you can do so in even natural lighting it will make it easier when it comes to the editing.

Step Two

Then you need to ‘stitch’ these images together using photo-editing software. The more seamless the join, the better the final effect, but do remember that your image will be in murky water so it doesn’t need to be perfect! If you are using the same plastic tub we have used the dimensions need to be 3307×1317 pixels. Take a look at the images provided for a good idea of the desired effect.

TIP: Make the side profile images slightly larger than the face-on image!

Step Three

Print your image out, cut to size and laminate, this will help protect it in the water!


Step Four

Fill your tub with water, and then starting mixing your colourants until you get the desired effect!



Step Five

Place your image into your tub.

TIP: To allow some water to get between the image and the edge of the tub tape the ends of the image together so it will sit back slightly from the tub walls.

Step Six

Plant the trap and await your victim’s screams!


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