Halloween Week- Spider Soaps

For our final Halloween week recipe, I wanted to make these awesome Spooky Spider Soaps! They are a great make to do with the little ones and make great party favours, treats or just look great in your bathroom!

Spooky Spider Soaps

I love these because they are super customisable and you really can make them your own using dried botanicals and just ordinary pulses. Plus, embeds are a great way to encourage little ones to use their bar right down to the last bit!


You will need…

500g Clear Melt and Pour Base

Green and Yellow Zeni Colour (Other soap colourants would also work)

Various Botanicals of your choice  (I used a mixture of Alkane Root, Black Eyed Beans, Comfrey Leaves, Mung Beans, Rose Buds, Sage and St Johns Wort. But as I said it’s great to use whatever you want to get the best look!)

Plastic Spiders (Or anything else you would like to embed!)

10ml of a spooky Fragrance, Try Pumpkin Nectarine Fragrance!

Isopropyl Alcohol

2 Microwave Safe Jugs

Round Soap Mould (4 to a set)

A Teaspoon


How to make…

Step 1

Dice your melt and pour base into small chunks. Once you have done this, put the diced up soap base into a microwave safe jug

Step 2

Melt your soap base in the microwave using short 10/15 second bursts.

Step 3

Once your base has melted, divide 200g into another jug.

Step 4

Half of this will be coloured, whereas half will be left clear in order to allow users to see the embeds! Add your colourant to one half of the mixture until the desired effect is achieved, we have gone for a spooky green but other colours will work too, it’s all personal preference!

Step 5

Pour your coloured soap into your moulds as a base layer. Spray this with your alcohol in order to remove any bubbles. This will also help to create a film that will allow you to carefully pour your next layer on top without the two blending.  Spider Soap Embeds

Step 6

Once a film has formed (sometimes you need to wait a minute or two for your mixture to cool slightly get creative and add your embeds. You can also add your botanicals in any way you want to, we dropped a few into the base layer before it set, or you can add now the film has formed to keep it central.

Step 7

Pour the clear soap base onto the top of your embeds. If it has started to harden you can simply remelt it! Depending on the effect you want you can add some botanicals on to this level as well. Make sure you give it a spritz with your alcohol again to get rid of any bubbles, this will make it as clear as possible so you can see the contents of your soap the best.

Step 8

Wait for your creations to harden, I like to leave them overnight and then pop them out of your moulds! Now get spooking!

Spider Soap Close Up

That’s it for Halloween week this year! From now on I am going to get into full-on Christmas mode so get ready for the festive cheer! If you’ve liked these recipes please subscribe to our blog, share pictures of your creations and comment!

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