#MakeItMonday- Peppermint Soaps

This week’s recipe is, you guessed it, CHRISTMAS THEMED! We collaborated with Papercrafter magazine to makes these gorgeous peppermint soaps.

“These exclusive Christmas peppermint moulds from The Soap Kitchen are perfect for making your very own bars of soap. There’s nothing more exciting than receiving homemade goodies and these indulgent gifts are guaranteed to add a touch of seasonal nostalgia. When working with melt and pour soap, it is vital to work with speed to ensure the soap doesn’t set too quickly, especially during the colouring stage.”

What you need:

  • A large, microwave-safe container
  • A microwave
  • Something you can stir with (I use a whisk)
  • Peppermint Mould 4 Set
  • A pipette per colour (so if you want to do red and green you will need two!)


Corinne Bradd’s Top Tips:

  • When you measure the soap base use a little extra than required because a small amount will cling to the side of the jug.
  • I recommend using the Zenicolour 5 colouring system to add pigment to your soap. These colours are non-bleed and make it incredibly easy to mix various hues to achieve the shade you desire.

How to make the soaps:

Step One

Fill the mould with water and weigh it out on the scales to calculate how much soap base is needed for each cavity. This will be approximately 60g.

Step Two

Cut the solid white soap base into small chunks and melt in the microwave in your jug for 30-second bursts. Carefully stir the soap until all the chunks have completely dissolved, revealing a smooth consistency.

Step Three

Repeat with the clear base, you will only need a little to fill the accents of the moulds. Add a colour of your choice to the soap and mix in 2ml of essential oil to every 100g of soap base.

Step FourPipetting colour into peppermint soap moulds

Using a pipette, add each desired colour to the accent sections to achieve the swirly and striped patterns. Spray with alcohol and allow to cool, before adding the white soap base.

Step Five

Allow the soap to completely harden before you try to remove it from the mould. You can speed up this process by placing it in the fridge.


If you have made these gorgeous peppermint soaps send us a picture, either email it to promotion@thesoapkitchen.co.uk or tag us on social media!

If you missed last week’s #MakeItMonday which was a recipe from the brilliant book Handmade Beauty, then check it out HERE!

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