#MakeItMonday – Carrot for Rudolph Bath Bombs

It’s Christmas Eve night and you’re placing a glass of milk and a mince pie by the fireplace for Santa, and of course a carrot for Rudolph. Why not spruce up your carrot this year and make this brilliant Carrot Bath Bomb ready for Rudolph to take a long hot bath when he gets home from a busy night of flying through the skies bringing joy to all! This super easy make can be done with your little ones as well.

What you’ll need:

  • Two/Three mixing bowls
  • Some water in a spray bottle


How To Make:

Step One

Mix together your bicarb and your citric acid. Make sure it is all thoroughly mixed together! If you have sensitive skin or open cuts you may want to wear some gloves!


Step Two

Now fragrance your mixture! Pour the 10ml of fragrance in and mix thoroughly again, ensuring the fragrance has gone right through.


Step Three

Now you need to split your mixture in order to colour it! Obviously you will need significantly more orange than green! We suggest leaving some of your mixture white so you can make up where you need to.  Use as much colour as you need to get the desired effect, we have specifically picked these two colours as they are the brightest of their kind over all the colour types.


Step Four

Spray your mixture with water until it just sticks together when you squeeze it in your hand. This is the perfect consistency for bath bomb making as it allows your mixture to stick together.


Step Five

Now you need to fill your mould! Pack a small amount of the green mixture into the stalk section of the mould and then fill the rest with orange, repeat for the other half of the mould. Add a little extra to ensure the two halves stick together and then firmly push the two halves together.


Step Six

Take one half of the mould off and leave your bath bomb to set in the other half for roughly half an hour. Then once it has hardened up in there, take it out and leave it  to continue to set for roughly 24 hours.


Step Seven

Leave out by the fireplace ready for Rudolph to relax in after a long hard night flying presents around the world!

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