#MakeItMonday- Bio-Glitter Baubles

Although sweets and chocolates are often lovely takeaways from your family Christmas Tree it’s not the healthiest of options. This week’s Make It Monday are these fabulous Eco-friendly Bio-Glitter baubles! Great takeaways from your tree for all of the family and a nice and easy make!


What You’ll Need:

  • A Pipette per colour (Avaliable Here)
  • Some Heatproof Jugs
  • A spoon or mixing implement
  • Some String & Scissors

Ingredients (Makes 6 Baubles):

It is very important that you use low sweat soap, as your baubles will be hung in the tree next to lights. 

Bio-Glitter is an Eco-friendly alternative to plastic glitters.  Cosmetic Bio-glitter® is based on biodegradable film made from trees, primarily eucalyptus, sourced from responsibly managed plantations. This is a great step in the way of being Eco-Friendly with your micro-plastics, and our new coarse glitters works brilliantly in these baubles.

How To Make:

Step One:

Melt your bases together in a microwave using your heatproof jug. Be sure to heat in short 30 second bursts and stir!

Step Two:

Mix in your fragrance thoroughly.

Step Three:

Measure out 50g of your melted bases into a separate heat proof jug.

Step Four:

Once you have separated your 50g, you can mix in your colour and glitter.

Step Five:

Once your colour and glitter and thoroughly mixed through, you can pour into your mould.

Step Six:

Repeat with your other colours and leave your baubles to dry!

Step Seven:

Once your soaps are dried remove from your mould. You can now create a hole at the top and thread through your string. Now they are ready to hang on your tree!



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