#MakeItMonday- Pillow Box Packaging

This week instead of a cosmetic make we wanted to share this packaging hack! A great way to wrap single small bath bombs, or small soaps, or anything else you may be gifting! These improvised pillow boxes look brilliant and don’t have to cost a penny!

Shows the final pillow boxes together

What You Need:

  • Empty toilet roll tubes
  • Spare wrapping paper/crafting paper
  • String or Ribbon
  • Tape/Glue

How To Make:

Step 1

Flatten all of your toilet rolls, then fold in each end (as shown in the images.)

Shows the steps of how to make the pillow boxes

Step 2

Now for the fun bit! This is a great make because you can use all of those old scraps of ribbon and wrapping paper that is left behind but you just don’t want to throw away! Tape or glue down your paper, and then wrap or embellish with ribbon however you want! You can also add stickers, tags, or stuff the tube with shredded tissue or glitter (if you are feeling mean!)

Shows Final Pillow Box and a bath bomb

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