#MakeItMonday- Hangover Bath Tea Bags

I’m going to be honest with you guys, my age is catching up to me a bit and I can’t drink like before. Even though New Years Eve was over a week ago I still don’t feel caught up from my lack of sleep! This week’s make is super simple but hopefully will detox my body and give me a chance to relax. After all, a cup of tea can fix anything, so a bath tea bag has to help!

You’ll Need:

  • A large and small mixing bowl
  • A spoon to mix with and load your empty tea bags.


How To Make:

Step One

Mix your Epsom and Himalayan Salts together in your bowl.

Step Two

Add your Peppermint Powder, Lavender Powder and Chamomile Flowers.

Step Three

Now add your Ginger Oil, Grapefruit Oil and Lemon Verbena in your smaller bowl. Once these are combined add them to the salt mixture in your large bowl.

Step Four

If desired, pop a bay leaf in your teabag and then fill with your mixture. Now simply staple , or you can iron the top of your tea bag down and you are ready to go!

How To Use:

Now pop your teabag under the running water and draw yourself a bath. Then lie down, relax, and try to restore yourself to your former glory! If you do make this, or any of our other makes, share your pictures with us on social media!

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