New Year, New Me! – How Making Your Own Beauty Products Can Help You Achieve Your Resolutions.

New year, new me! It’s a phrase that is shouted around a lot but did you know, when it comes down to it, it’s predicted that only 8%  of people actually achieve their new years resolution. In this post we are going to break down how DIY Beauty and making your own cosmetics can help you achieve your goals (and make your 2018 amazing.)

‘I want to get healthier’

A lot of people start the year with the same new years resolution, wanting to get healthier in some kind of a way. Cosmetics can have a brilliant affect on health problems, and a lot of ingredients can have very specific affects on your health issues. A good skin care routine can help to combat acne, proper hair products can leave your hair looking brighter and feeling smoother than ever. More than that, some products have even shown to be able to affect other conditions, for example Neem products can be great at helping target eczema or other skin issues, whereas products containing calamine can can help treat bites, stings or itches.

‘I want to improve my skin care routine (or just start one!)’

Most of us have a skin care routine that leaves much to be desired (or none at all) but don’t really know where to start when it comes to forming one that works for us. A great way to achieve a great skin care routine is to know what you are actually putting on your skin in the first place and how that works for you. By creating your own products, you can ensure they have the exact properties you are looking for, and are perfect for you. It’s also a lot more motivating to stick to something everyday if you love what you are using, so you can customise with your favourite scents/colours etc.

‘I want to be more Eco-conscious’

Packaging in supermarkets and high street stores can be a real issue. When ordering products from us we have to ensure they are packaged well so they get to you in great condition, although you can dictate exactly how your finished product is packed. If you would like your items sent to you with eco-conscious packaging just put that in your shipping notes when ordering and we will do what we can to ensure they have the least packaging they can without risk of damage in transit.

Especially in beauty products it’s hard to know 100% that your products haven’t been tested on animals at any stage. By making your own products firstly you know exactly what is going into it, and exactly where it came from. We are proud to say that none of The Soap Kitchen’s suppliers test on animals, and we are in the process of getting our certification from Leaping Bunny to prove this.

‘I want to learn a new skill’

Well, good news for you unless you already make soap, soap making can be your new skill! Even if you are already a seasoned soap maker you can make bath bombs, body butters, candles, lip scrubs, make-up, and much more, the possibilities are endless. There are so many variations and new methods to learn, new products to use you never have to stop learning. Plus, this skill will pay off and giving you some great makes to use and share.

If you are more of a visual learner, we are currently releasing a range of DIY Beauty Youtube tutorials to help you get started, all of which come with their own ingredient kits. We also post new recipes every Monday here ranging from lip balms to face paint so you can find a whole range of recipes to try out.

‘I want to be more responsible with my money’

Everyone has a ‘treat yourself’ day now and then, and with cosmetics ever increasing in price these can often end up being pricier than you would have hoped. Instead of spending £5 on a single bath bomb, you can make your own custom bath bombs, with the exact scent, colour, design and feel you want for a lot cheaper! The Soap Kitchen currently stocks a range of starter kits, giving you everything you need to get started, and with the current Winter sale you can get a kit that makes 6 large bath bombs for only £18.99 (excluding VAT.)

Not only are the products you make in your own home going to be cheaper, they are going to be exactly as you want them, and you don’t even need to leave the house to get them!

‘I want a new job’

If you try your hand at cosmetic making and find you’re a natural, with the right safety assessments you can sell your homemade products at markets, online or just to friends. A lot of our customers are business owners who make their living from their own made products and love what they do. Check out our Diary Of A Maker posts to read some blogs written by some business owners. We also have a great range of advice in our Tips & Tricks section specifically to help guide you through the business set up stage of your new venture.

So there it is, just a few ways to achieve your new year’s resolution by making your own cosmetic and beauty products at home. Hopefully this has helped you start your 2018 resolutions with a bang, and by the end of the year you’ll be writing to us with advice! If you have any more specific questions on anything we have spoken about feel free to comment below or get in touch with our team by emailing

If you are a bit of a soap making expert, or someone who is just starting out with something to say, we are always on the hunt for new contributors so just email us at to get involved in Soap Making Magazine.

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