#MakeItMonday- Healing Salve For Chapped Skin

I always get to this time of year and feel like Winter is over when in reality we are smack bang in the middle of it! This is a quick and easy make to help with through the rest of the season by combating chapped skin. A brilliant make for those cold weather dog walkers, gardeners and anyone who has to face the elements! You can personalise this by using your favourite scent, I have stuck to traditional Lavender but really the possibilities are endless!

Finished Healing Salve

You’ll Need:

  • A Saucepan
  • A glass or heat proof measuring jug
  • Suitable jars or tins (I used these 60ml jars)
  • Kitchen Scales
  • Tablespoon measure





How To Make:

Step One

Weigh your Cocoa Butter and Beeswax into your saucepan. Heat gently until JUST melted.

Step Two

Once heated, remove from the heat and add your Olive Oil to the pan and mix thoroughly.

Step Three

Add your Lavender Oil and mix thoroughly.

(Note: If the mixture starts to set you may need to apply a little more heat to melt it again.)

Step Four

Whilst the liquid is still warm, pour into your jars and leave to cool fully before use!

Step Five

Apply to chapped/dry areas of skin where necessary!


We hope the cold weather hasn’t gotten too much for you, and this little make helps you get through the Winter months. We always love to see images of your creations so feel free to tag them and share them with us so we can check them out!



6 thoughts on “#MakeItMonday- Healing Salve For Chapped Skin

    1. The basic mix of wax/butter/oil in this would accommodate varying replacement additions if someone wanted to make a different salve either with different or reduce essential oil content or indeed something like calendula oil, but if replacing with an infused oil such as calendula, to maintain the consistency of the salve it may be necessary to reduce the amount of olive oil, otherwise the salve would end up being softer, which may not be desirable.

  1. I love recipes like this but I find clean up a pain

    From your experience what’s the best way to clean up any wax based product out of your pans?

    1. Wax is really difficult because of its high melt point. Would recommend rinsing out thoroughly with boiling water and plenty of washing up liquid (not putting the residue down any household drain in case it sets and blocks it) after removing all that’s possible by pouring out when the pan is still hot.

  2. Could I use a “flavour” instead of an essential oil or fragrance? If so, what quantities would I use in this recipe?

    1. We can’t recommend adding a flavour, this won’t add any fragrance or bring any healing properties to the end product.

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