#MakeItMonday- Piña Colada Body Butter

This month’s ‘Make Of The Month’ is a revisited recipe, this brilliant Piña Colada Body Butter! A great recipe to make me start wishing for Summer more and more each day, and in all honesty it just smells DIVINE. As usual, this is a simple make, but I think it’s brilliant and last time we posted the recipe it was so popular I couldn’t help but to revisit!

You’ll Need:

  • Heat Proof Container
  • Scales
  • Whisk (Electric hand whisk will be easier, but a manual one will do too.)
  • A container to put your Body Butter in (This recipe will make enough to neatly fill this 200ml squat jar.)
  • Pipettes


How To Make:

Step One

Weigh out your body butter base and heat gently. If microwaving then heat in 30 second bursts and ensure it is stirred through to keep consistent and smooth. If you are heating on the hob keep your product moving and heat thorough gently.

Step Two

Add your coconut oil and fragrances oil. Ensure it is mixed through your base. Then add a few drop of liquid colour and whisk together.

Step Three

Fill your container with your body butter. Once it has cooled fully, pop on your lid and it’s ready to use!

Now all together fingers crossed that this premature creation encourages the warmth and then sun to come out, but until then at least I smell great! If you make this, of any of our other recipes we would love to see, just share them with us on social media!

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