#MakeItMonday- Romantic Bath Bombs

This week we talk you through how to make Steamy Romantic Bath Bombs for Valentines Day. A great gift for your loved one, or just a brilliant way to treat yourself. A simple make with great rewards.

Ingredients: (Makes 5/6 Bath Bombs)

You Will Need:

How To Make:


Step One

Gather all of your supplies, pour your water into your spray bottle and set to one side.

Step Two

Add your rose petals to the bottom of your moulds, be careful not to add too many, just a light sprinkle.

Step Three

In your mixing bowl, combine all of your dry ingredients (Bicarb & Citric) and mix thoroughly with your hands making sure there are no clumps.

Step Four

Next add your fragrance oil to the mixing bowl and blend until you are happy they are completely combined.

Step Five

Now comes the good part, spray your mixture with water a few times until your mixture sticks together with a squeeze. Now you can pack your mixture into your moulds. Fill both parts of your mould, and then add a little extra in between to ensure they stick together.

Step Six

Let your bombs dry in the moulds for about half an hour, then turn them out of the moulds and leave them on the side (on grease proof paper if you can) and let them continue to dry over night.

Step Seven

Run yourself, you loved one a steamy bath and throw one of these in. After a few minutes to bomb would have filled the room with beautiful smells and the bath will be full of your rose petals, ready for a well deserved romantic soak in the tub.

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