The Naked Truth: Starting Your Plastic-Free Bathroom.

With the recent ban on micro-beads, and the world turning their mind to being as environmentally friendly as possible everyone is trying to do what they can. Today we talk through some ways that you can start creating a plastic free bathroom.

Swap your Shower Gel for Soap Bars

A simple and easy swap is to swap your plastic bottled shower gels for soap bars. A lot of high street or supermarket shower gels can be full of man made chemicals, over packaged and over priced, but out of convenience people will usually just grab a bottle off of the shelf because of the smell. It’s also true that it is hard to find a good selection of natural soap bars in high street stores or supermarkets, but not only ourselves, but a great many of our customers work tirelessly to create unique, natural soap bars with a large choice of fragrances.

It’s just as easy to make your own soap, meaning you can have the exact fragrance you desire, and you can make it look exactly how you want, plus being able to tailor the recipe to suit your exact skin type and needs can’t be sniffed at (pun intended!) This is a simple way to not only cut down on the plastic bottles around your tub, but take a step towards knowing exactly what you are putting on your body.

To shop our range of soap bars click HERE. Or to see our tutorial on how to make a basic natural soap block click HERE.

Or create your own packaging free shower jellies

Shower jellies are a great packaging free alternative to shower gel for those who do not like bathing with soap bars. A simple make they lather like a shower gel. These packaging free jellies are becoming more and more poplar, with Lush now starting to stock similar products. Just like anything you make yourself at home, you can customise the recipe to make it exactly as you desire, ours smell like lime and are inspired by the seaside!

The recipe HERE is for a vegan friendly shower gel using Irish Moss powder and which smells delicious.

Swap your liquid Shampoo for Shampoo Bars

Shampoo can often come in large unwieldy plastic bottles, but did you know you can make your own shampoo bars that work just as well and require no packaging? These bars look exactly like natural soap bars, but work exactly like liquid shampoo. They are great for adding natural products to your hair care routine, and ditching the chemicals that you can find in high street products.

You can shop our Shampoo Bars HERE, both types are wrapped in fair trade handmade paper.

Swap your Pouf for a Natural Loofah

Your synthetic pouf can hang in the shower for a long time, and with every wash fibers can end up down the drain. Instead of opting for these cheap sponges you can enjoy the real, natural thing. Natural loofahs can either be purchased from our shop, or you can grow them yourself in your back garden! Naturally occurring from legumes, loofahs are a great natural exfoliant and look great in your bathroom. Plus one loofah can make many loofah pads, and can be replaced as and when you want to.

You can shop our loofahs HERE.

Use Natural Sponges

As well as loofahs, you can also get natural sponges. These are grown in warm seas and sourced for the Caribbean. They are often referred to as grass sponges and can be a natural alternative to synthetic sponges. They are a great natural exfoliant and just like loofahs, they look great as well as being functional.

You can shop our natural sponges HERE.

Swap your plastic bottles for glass bottles

Sometimes it isn’t possible to completely cut bottles out of your bathroom, but you can instead move your makes over to reusable glass bottles. From shower gel, to conditioner to mouth wash, everything if your bathroom is probably residing in a plastic bottles. An easy way to cut this out is to make your own products and use a refillable glass container instead. It is worth mentioning glass bottles are not allowed in the shower, but they are fine to host your products around the bath.

Shop our glass bottles HERE.

These are just a few easy ways to start creating your plastic free bathroom for 2018. We would love to hear your ways of cutting plastic from your life below! Also if you missed our recent blog post on how the Micro-bead ban may affect you, you can check it out HERE.

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