#MakeItMonday- Mothers Day Candle Kit

Whether you want to buy it, make it or give them the ingredients to make it, there is no gift more classic than a Mothers Day candle. Today we are going to go through the recipe, and how to make one of our candle kits. These kits give you everything you need to make some candles, and are a great joint make between you and your mum, grandmother or just a nice way to make something to gift them!

You Will Need:

  •  Cooker or Hob
  • Double Boiler (recommended but not necessary)
  • Protective gloves
  • Apron or other protective clothing
  • Thermometer (recommended)
  • Bowl of hot water

Ingredients (all come with your candle kit)

  • 180g Soy Container Wax
  • 2 Tins with lids
  • 2 Pre-cut, waxed wicks on sustainers
  • 10ml Fragrance/Essential oil
  • 1 Candle dye chips
  • 2 Wick-holders
  • 5g Wax glue

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How To

Step One

To make both candles melt 180g of Soy Wax into your double boiler. If you don’t have
a double boiler you can improvise with a small pan for the wax in a larger pan with
water. (You should heat the wax in a saucepan with a thick base to spread heat as evenly
as possible, but this method requires more care NOT to overheat the wax but this is

Step Two

Place your double boiler on a moderate heat and leave to gently melt the wax. Use a
thermometer to monitor the heat. This soy wax has a melt temperature of approx 65C.

Step Three

Prepare your mould and wick… Warm up the tins in hot water (but not too hot) or on
a radiator. Your wick is pre-waxed but will need ‘gluing’ to the bottom of the tins. To do
this, break a bit of wax glue off and put it on the sustainer-end (fat metal end) of your
wick and immediately stick the sustainer to the centre inside bottom of your tin,
pressing in place for a few seconds until the wax ‘glue’ sets. Slide your wick-holder over
the wick and twist the wick around the tab gently, making sure the wick is centered and
vertical in the tin when the holder sits on the top.

Step Four

Your tins are now ready to fill… Turn your attentions back to the wax. Having made sure
it’s melted (ideally not much hotter than approx 68C) add pieces of coloured wax dye
chips and let them melt into the wax, adding just enough to gain the depth of colour
you desire when stirred in.

(Tip – drop a small drip of coloured wax on a hard surface and see how its dries. This will
be colour of you candle.)

Step Five

Leave your wax to cool slightly. Ideal pour temperature of this wax is approx 51C.
As the wax cools towards this temperature, add your 10ml fragrance/essential oil
and stir in thoroughly.

Step Six

You’re now ready to pour your candle. Pour 80% of the wax into both tins and keep the
remaining 20% melted wax in the pan and keep melted. As the candle cools and the
surface skin forms, simply pierce the skin and re-pour the top surface of the candle
from the small amount of reserved wax. This ensures the top surface remains even.

Step Six

Leaving overnight is preferable and once cooled cut wick to approx 1/4”.

There! You’ve made Fragrant Candles. Wasn’t that easy!

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