#MakeItMonday- Natural Irish Moss Shower Jellies

The beady eyed amongst you will know this was one of our most successful #MakeItMondays of last year. This months make of the month are these brilliant Natural Irish Moss Shower Jellies. A fantastic vegan recipe and the center of our advertising campaign this month. You can customise them with your own colours and scents, but however you do they’ll still be wicked fun.


What You’ll Need:

2 Heatproof/Microwave safe Jugs

Measuring Utensils


Suitable Silicone Mould (I used a small cupcake Mould)

2 Pipettes


150g Melt and Pour Soap Base (There are lots of varieties available, I used this white Claranol base)

250g Deionised Water (Can used Distilled)

1 Tsp Carrageen Powder AKA Irish Moss

Liquid colours suitable for Melt and Pour Soap (I used this green liquid colour)

Fragrance or Essential Oil (I used lime)

How To Make:

Step 1

Chop the melt and pour soap into small pieces and place them into the microwave safe jug then set aside. For my Jellies, I used White Claranol SLS Free.

Step 2

Using your other jug, pour in the deionised water and heat for 20 seconds in the microwave to warm the water.

Step 3

Once you have your warm water, stir in 1tsp of Carrageen powder. Use your whisk to remove any lumpy bits. Heat the mix again for another 20 seconds and set aside

Step 4

Grab your jug of diced melt and pour soap and place in the microwave. Heat this in 30-second bursts until the soap has fully melted. 

Step 5

Once melted, pour the soap into the water and Carrageen mixture and give it a thorough stir.

Step 6

Using a pipette, add 2-3 drops of fragrance. For my Jellies, I used Lime.

Step 7

Using another Pipette, add 3 drops of liquid colour to the mix and give it a stir. Keep adding a few drops until you achieve the colour you want. I used Green liquid colour.

Step 8

You should have a finished Jelly Mixture all you need to do now is pour it into the moulds.

Step 9

Leave to set overnight! Then get squishy with it!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first #MakeItMonday of the month! Thes shower jellies are a load of fun and if you make them we would love to see a picture!


4 thoughts on “#MakeItMonday- Natural Irish Moss Shower Jellies

    1. Hi Kerensa, we have no tried that substitute. Give it a go and let us know, we’d love to know how it turns out!

  1. You’re just using a regular soap base, not a jelly soap base, is that right? And it comes out totally jelly?

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