#MakeItMonday- Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are a brilliant way to scent your room and they look great. Today we are using our Large Reed Diffuser Kit to make our own reed diffusers. You can customise this with your own choice of colour and fragrance so they look great in your home.


  • 1 x 250ml ‘Premium Display’ Clear Round Glass Bottle
  • 1 x 200ml ‘Premium Display’ Clear Square Glass Bottle
  • 40 x 3mm thick reed wicks
  • 2 fragrance choices (2 x 75ml)
  • 500ml fragrance diluent (Dowanol)
  • 3 suitable dyes (solvent dye), primary colours in dropper-bottles

A Little Bit Of Health & Safety Before We Start…

Reed Diffusers use solvent, or alcohol-based diluents for their fragrance, alongside ‘technical grade’ colours. Keep them out of reach of young children. They are not cosmetic grade and therefore should not be used on your skin. 

How To Make:

Step One

To make one 250ml diffuser, simply take one of the bottles supplied and add your
choice of fragrance from one of the 75ml fragrance bottles. Use all the contents of
this bottle

Step Two

Next, top up the bottle to just below the shoulder by adding some (just under half ) of
the content from the bottle of Dowanol (alcohol-free diluent). This bottle of diluent is
suffcient to fill both the 250ml bottles.

Step Three

Then, decide on the colour you’d like your bottle contents to be (if any). We provide
3 bottles of suitable dye in liquid form which are in dropper bottles. These are
concentrated dyes so be careful not to add too much. They can be used as they are
(as ‘primary colours’) or mixed to make other colours (blue and red to make purple for
instance). To avoid over-colouring, don’t simply drip the dye into the diffuser content
from the bottle, but rather use the dropper to drip dye into a small container (a ramekin
or egg cup for instance), mixing if desired and then dip a ‘stick’ (cocktail stick or handle
of a small teaspoon are suitable) into this dye, so a small ‘drip’ of dye can then be dipped
into the reed diffuser content. Repeat this until the desired shade and depth of colour is

WARNING: These dyes may stain certain surfaces. Take care to cover your working area
and to clean up any spills immediately.

Step Four

Next, place your reeds (10 reeds recommended) into the diffuser. The fragrance will slowly
start to rise up the reeds over several hours. To speed this process you can choose to now
upturn your reeds (not the bottle, just the reeds), so that the fragrance instantly starts to
disperse in the air. Over time, the fragrance will simply continue to rise up the reeds and
diffuse in the air.


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