#MakeItMonday- Easter Egg Bath Bombs

On the pursuit of health, Easter is always one of my major downfalls. With chocolate coming out of my ears it’s hard to resist so this year instead of choccy eggs I am going to make some Easter Egg Bath Bombs to indulge with instead.

Ingredients: ( Makes 6)

You Will Also Need:

How To Make:


Step One

Mix your dry ingredients together (bicarb and citric) until properly combined. Then add your yellow colour until you get the colour you desire.

Step Two

Blend your fragrance oil in until fully combined.

Step Three

Split this mixture in half! Add your green colourant to one half until your desired pastel green colour is achieved.

Step Four

Add water to the mixtures until they just hold together when squeezed. Then you can start making your bombs! You can make them pure yellow, pure green or a mixture of both of you are feeling like it! Just fill both halves of your mould and then add a little excess on top of one half of the mould to help them stick together. Give them a firm squeeze together!

Step Five

Now remove one half of the mould and leave them to dry for 30 minutes in the mould. Then you can turn them out and leave them overnight to dry.





And that’s it, your Easter Egg Bath Bombs are ready! A great addition to an Easter Egg hunt but we can’t recommend leaving them outside in the rain! If you have some Easter makes we would love to see them!

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