How Your Small Business Can Help Save The World!

From a child everyone wants to save the world, and with a recent influx in social justice warriors and brilliant television like Blue Planet 2 grown ups want to change the world too. And for the most part, we are trying really hard, but sometimes it can be hard to know what you can do to really make a difference. In this post we talk about some ways your business can help save the world, in big ways, and small ones.

Use Less Energy

If five minutes before you go home, you co around and make sure any machinery that can be turned off is turned off, you can not only save yourself on an energy bill, but you can also help save the world! Electricity is something we now cannot live without, but in the grand scheme of things it is just as new to soap making as it is to humans. It may be a bit easier when you come in tomorrow to not have to reboot your PC, or not have to dig around for switches but this small change really can make a large difference.

You can also use less energy in more ways than just electricity, you can switch your bulbs over to energy saving bulbs, switch from hand dryers to paper towels or ditch the dishwasher and start hand washing your coffee cups! You can also look at installing solar panels, although they may be a big investment up front a lot of people can make their money back in a relatively short period of time.

Take A Look At Your Packaging

Packaging is a massive pet peeve of consumers at the moment, and supermarkets are especially getting the wrap from customers who are fed up of seeing so much unnecessary packaging. Obviously, when it comes to certain cosmetics your hands are tied on how you package your products, you can’t just ship body wash in a cardboard box. But, with a lot of products packaging can be reduced, or you can encourage your customers to recycle. For example simple schemes like getting an amount off of your next order if you bring your empty body wash bottles in can encourage recycling from your customers, and can save you money on packaging in the long run.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The motto of the everyday eco-warrior, recycling is still an up hill struggle and a great way to save the world! Companies can print reams and reams of paper and reports off and these can all just end up in the bin at the end of the day. It’s very simple, especially in a small or home run business to recycle, sometimes all it can take is getting a new, flash, recycling bin to put next to your desk.

Support Local Heros

Everyone knows a local hero, whether it’s the mum who manages to baby sit everyone on the blocks kids, or it’s the volunteers at your local soup kitchen. Your products are brilliant things, and they can make a real difference to someone. Especially in cases of homeless or women’s shelters, things like toiletries and cosmetics are few and far between, and a simple donation can not only help people in need but it can also give you the sense that you have changed someones day for the better with your brilliant makes! Get out there and look for your local hero and see if there is anyway you can help make their life easier.

Plant Some Trees, Please

I don’t know about you, but our warehouse lives on an industrial estate where there used to be a forest. Around our warehouse we are lucky to have a brilliant tree line, but it makes us sad some companies don’t. Living in Devon we know how beautiful the country side can be, and how just 5 minutes in nature can make you feel like a whole new person. If you have the room you can plant trees, flowers beds or even a herb garden to use in your soaps! Even if you don’t have the space, you can get window boxes, or indoor plants. It’s proven that having plants around us helps productivity and mood, plus they look brilliant!

Animals Are Not For Testing

One of the biggest issues that has faced the cosmetic and beauty industry is animal testing. As a business we strive to ensure none of our suppliers test their products on animals, and are currently in the process of gaining our Leaping Bunny Certification for this. You can also ask your suppliers, and make sure you yourself do not test on, or put any animals at risk during your making. Even in your own home, soap making can be harmful to some of your pets and you so ensure you always make in a well ventilated space and store your ingredients out of harms way.

The pursuit of eco-friendly practice isn’t just good for the world, it’s good business practice. Customers are now looking for businesses that have a green conscious and are doing all they can to practice in a eco-friendly way. It’s a great selling point for your business, can help save you money and saves the world so really what is there to lose?

We would love for you to share the ways you have been more eco-friendly in your making and your businesses with us, so comment underneath if you think we have missed anything!

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