An Easter Weekend Crafty Project!

Because its bank holiday weekend, this Monday our ‘Make it’ is a follow on from last week’s Easter Egg Bath Bomb recipe. This crafty project will give you a little idea of a fun way to decorate your left over Egg bath bombs using two simple ingredients. What a perfect and entertaining way to spend bank holiday with the kids!

Please note you can use any bath bombs not just eggs! But, if you haven’t got any bath bombs at all, please follow last week’s ‘Make it Monday’ or the simple bath bomb recipe link below.

To paint your Bath Bombs you will need:


Containers for your paint (We used small jars)

Water to clean your paintbrushes


Mica Colours

99% isopropyl alcohol



How to make your mica paint:

Mix 1tsp of mica colour with 1tbsp of isopropyl alcohol, simple as that!


Add your alcohol a little at a time to your Mica to gauge the right consistency. You don’t want paint that’s too wet as this will activate the bath bomb.


Enjoy Painting!

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