#MakeItMonday- Royal Bath Bombs

With the royal wedding fast approaching, this week’s #MakeItMonday is a recipe for some royal bath bombs, so you can also be treated like the royalty you are! You can change the colours and glitter to your heart desire, or keep it the same!



How To Make:

Step One

Mix your Bicarb and Citric until it is of a smooth consistency.

Step Two

Add your purple colourant until you get your desired colour. Remember, colours become more vivid when they meet water!

Step Three

Once your colour is properly blended, add your fragrance oil. Ensure you mix it through thoroughly!

Step Four

Sprinkle your gold Bio-Glitter into the smallest half of your mould, coating the bottom half but not too much.

Step Five

Now, a little at a time spritz with water to your mixture until you get your mixture to the point where it just holds when you squeeze it. Now it is ready to mould so fill both half of your moulds and then add a little extra to make sure the halves stick together. Squeeze together tightly and then take the smaller half of the mould away. Leave to set for about 30 minutes.

Step Six

Turn them out of the moulds and then leave to harden over night.

Now draw yourself a hot bath, and relax with a glass of bubbly like the royalty you are!

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