Why Packaging is Important.


Why Packaging is important


Why Packaging is important and what to consider when choosing the packaging for your precious makes.


People always say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and of course, I agree that once you have done your research, read the reviews and spoken to a sales advisor, you might just about uncover that treasure you’ve been longing for. Well what about when a brand new product stands alone in a crowded market? It has no reviews yet and perhaps it’s online where there is no one to immediately answer your questions and help determine your purchase? This is when packaging plays an incredibly significant role and more importantly my fellow creative, product maker and aspiring entrepreneur, this is your golden opportunity to really sell your brand and inherit those loyal customers and fabulous fans!


In this blog, I have listed some essential points to consider when you choose how to package your wonderful products and really build your brand image and identity.


It’s very simple. With your brand in mind, answer these 4 questions:


  1. Who is your target market?


Important why? Understanding your target market can help you find out what’s on trend within that market and what products they are already buying. Once you know this you can figure out your main competitors, and therefore know what packaging and designs already exist and what is popular. This is great knowledge when designing and choosing your own packaging. It’s vital to take inspiration and know what’s on trend but it could also help you stand out from the rest. This brings me on to my second question…


  1. How can you stand out in a competitive market?


Important why? When you first launch your brand new products, your packaging is one of the most important ways to engage potential customers and grab their attention. After all you are yet to receive a base of trusted reviews and so one of the best ways to get those customers on your side from the word go, is to offer them something different, something that they are willing to take the risk of trying a new product for.

For me, I love illustrative design so if I wanted to purchase a new candle for example, I would be looking for new and striking designs that will sit well within my boho-decorated lounge. If the new brands I’ve found weren’t offering me anything new that I like, I would probably settle for the one I always buy because I can already rely on it. Other people however may look for new packaging designs that will improve their user experience. This leads me on to question 3…


  1. How can you use your packaging to build a positive relationship   with your customers?


Important why? We have established that packaging is one of the most key components in the first steps of your customer’s experience with your brand. So how about after the sale has been made? How can you continue to keep that experience memorable and build a positive relationship with your customer through your packaging so that they will buy again and even better, recommend!

If you’re selling online, consider if your product’s packaging needs to be durable enough to send in the post, what is it packed in? Can the parcel also help to market and advertise your brand? Think about how much the customer has paid for your product. If you’re charging a little bit more for your product then people will be expecting decent and good quality packaging that reflects what they have paid and this doesn’t just regard the product itself but also what it’s sent in. Make it aesthetically pleasing!


Another important factor to think about is the customers experience when using your product. Can your packaging choices help make the customer’s life easier? Is there an element of your packaging that the customer can re-use? This leads me on to my last major question.


  1. Do your packaging choices reflect your brand and send the right messages to your customers?


Important why? Lets say your brand focuses on natural and sustainable products; maybe your brand is eco friendly but is your packaging completely that? Does your packaging live up to the message your brand is trying to give your customers.


Or how about for example this brand identity tagline,‘ for every purchase that’s made, a tree is planted in an endangered forest somewhere’. Does your packaging easily and simply convey this message? A good packaging design makes this kind of information easy to locate and could really help determine a purchase.


Hopefully you have now grasped the importance of packaging and why you need to make the design a priority. Analyse your answers to these questions to determine your own and unique ideas that will reflect your brand. Make sure you’re always considering your brand’s focus and that it’s easily and simply obvious for your customers to see.


Check out our ‘Packaging designs we love’ board on Pinterest here for lots of great inspo – HERE









6 thoughts on “Why Packaging is Important.

  1. True That packaging builds a positive relationship with customers and it also communicates many things.organic soaps and bath products must be packed nicely and colorfully to attract the customers and should be perfect for gifting.

    1. Hi Cherishma, you’re exactly correct, the packaging is usually the first part of branding that is seen by the customer, so it needs to be something that reflects your company’s values and product range.

  2. With Melt and Pour it is hard to get Eco friendly packaging. As it attracts moisture it must be wrapped in some kind of cellophane. Do you know of a bio degradable cellophane wrap, bag or roll that is available which is afford about as need to be able to pass on cost so as to be able to sell and be viable.

    1. Hi Sandra, you can use greaseproof paper to line the soap with before putting in your usual packaging, this is biodegradable, not to be confused with baking paper which usually has a silicone lining. Hope this helps.

      1. Hi,
        Just to clarify after turning melt&pour soaps out of the mould they can be wrapped in greaseproof paper to prevent sweating? I’ve not made melt&pour soap yet and was disappointed when everywhere online was suggesting clingfilm and a heatgun!

        1. Hi Kellyanne, unfortunately the best way to store them is to shrink wrap, if you use grease proof paper they will sweat and possibly ruin any labels or decorative paper.

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