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Interview with a Maker

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Introduce yourself…

Hello, I’m Mama Jan! I’m a North Devon maker originally from London. I’m 52 and proud to say!


How long have you been making?

I’ve been making since October 2017, so only 6 months. I have come a long way in that short period of time too.


What made you want to start making Bath Bombs in the first place?

I was out of work a while back and so I went travelling through Thailand. When I came home it felt more apparent that the kids had flown the nest, the hubby works away and that I now needed a hobby or something to occupy my time and stop me from eating and smoking through boredom. Ha!


How did this all turn in to a business?

I was making bath bombs for fun and giving them to friends and family. They kept telling me “you need to sell these!” so, with that little encouragement from friends and IT help from my lovely daughter, I started to advertise my makes on social media and it’s all just blown up from there. I am now a regular trader at one of the main markets in North Devon and always selling my items online.


Skull Bath bomb




In a nutshell, describe your average day making:

I research and then make bath bombs most of the day. I pack and label my products in the evening followed by more making and I finally go to bed around midnight? Whilst literally dreaming about bath bombs.

On a market day, I am up at 6am packing up the car. I start trading from 8 onwards so I need to have everything unpacked and set up before then. Trading usually goes on for around 8 hours and then I’m back at home again afterwards to replenish my stock.

What’s your favourite make? Let’s be specific!

I love them all but I especially like a bath bomb in my range called ‘Hippy Dippy’. This is my bestseller and it smells like Pink Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang. It’s super colourful!

If you could learn any new soap making/bath bomb making skill now, what would you choose?

When I finally have the time, I would love to master Cold process soap and add that to my product range.

What are your favourite Soap Kitchen Products/ Purchases?

Oh I love your sweet almond oil! But, my favourite has to be all the Micas you stock. I love using them to paint my bath bombs.


Question to TSK*

Please can you get a fragrance called ‘Monkey Farts’? It’s brilliant and smells really fruity.

Answer from TSK*

Sounds hilarious but very intrigued now. We will see what we can do for you!


Do you have any top making tips?

Mix, mix and mix some more and then when you think you are done mixing, mix some more.

What advice could you give to aspiring makers or makers wanting to turn their hobby in to a business?

Don’t be disheartened if anything doesn’t go to plan. It happens to everybody!

Be prepared for lots of mess and very long days but, it’s all so much fun and so worth it. Starting a little business pushes you out of your boundaries and when it works, it’s the best confidence boost!

Just go for it.

Where can we find you!?

Facebook – @mamajanshomemade

Instagram – @mamajansbathbombs

Barnstaple Pannier Market – Friday 9-2pm and Saturday 8-4pm

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