The Soap Kitchen… Our Ethics.


The Soap Kitchen… Our Ethics.

Here at The Soap Kitchen we have never considered whether we are ‘ethical’ or not, as it has never crossed our minds that anything we do. The stock we sell is relevant to our customers if it was not done or sourced in a way which showed complete respect for our planet. The people who inhabit it, which includes all the workers that produce and ship the goods we stock and sell, our own customers, our staff and ourselves. Long before it became ‘trendy’ to offer published ethical statements we have been operating our business in a manner which meets our own high standards.

Our aim has always been, and remains, to source natural products that meet the highest standards of quality from importers and suppliers around the world that themselves share the same standards.

Most of all we strive to ensure that we work with suppliers that have the following ethical considerations when sourcing their products.

  • Environment:  Products should be sourced sustainably, there should be no negative environmental impact on endangered species. There should be minimal production emissions during transit, there should be careful use of resources to process ingredients. There should be no genetic modification of plants used for production of their products.
  • People: Workers should have the right to union membership, production facilities should respect health and safety. Workers should have fair pay and fair working hours, there should be no discrimination and no child labour.
  • Animal protection: There should be no animal testing of ingredients or manufactured products. Where possible they should only use vegetarian or vegan ingredients.
  • Shipping: The distance ingredients travel are minimised. Packaging materials should be recyclable or biodegradable where possible.


Recyclable Packaging Paper 

We realise that everything we do and every product we supply has an impact on our planet one way. Whether that be in the sourcing of the products we stock, the shipping of those products to us. The stock holding of those products in our own warehouse. The onward shipping of those products to our customers and the welfare of our own staff. Operating our business in a way which respects every stage of this process we try to minimise any negative impact.


Ethical Biomass Boiler

At the Soap Kitchen we employ the following practices:

  • Recycling: We recycle the maximum amount of all incoming packaging materials and waste possible.
  • Heating: We choose to heat our premises with a Biomass Heating System that uses only sustainable fuel.
  • Plastics: We strive to minimise the use of plastics in all our protective packaging wherever possible.
  • Electricity: We choose to source our electricity from suppliers that offer energy from renewable sources.

It is our aim to continually evolve our policies in line with best practice to ensure we continue to meet the high expectations of our customers.

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