Interview with a maker – Raynah Thomas – April Maker of the month winner!

Interview winning piece

Interview with a Maker

Raynah Thomas – April Maker of the month winner

Introduce yourself…

I’m Raynah, a hobby soap melter from Birmingham. I’m also a teacher, cat lover, folk music fan, chicken keeper and sight hound owner.

How long have you been making?

I started making last year in October. A friend posted some pictures of some soaps she had made and it sparked my interest!

What made you want to start making in the first place?

I wanted a substitute for cake baking which was making me fat(ter!). I’ve always used a lot of essential oils for personal care, so I had that as a starting point.

In a nutshell, describe your average day making:

It’s usually in school holidays. Everything is done in my kitchen and it’s a pretty organic process as I make it up as I go along.

What’s your favourite make? Let’s be specific!

Rose and Geranium.

My pink ombre stripey soap started as a fail and I re-melted it but now I love it!

If you could learn any new soap making skill now, what would you choose?

I am looking forward to trying the Cold Process kit I won in the competition  – that’ll be my new skill.

What are your favourite Soap Kitchen Products/ Purchases?

My favourite purchases are the Stephenson’s SLS free bases.

Do you have any top making tips?

Use your imagination!!!

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