#MakeItMonday – Melt and Pour Magical Unicorn Horn


A new product has landed at the Soap Kitchen which may just add a little magic to your handmade creations!

EcoSparks, a glitter that’s derived from natural Mica, is 100% plastic free and makes this an ideal ingredient in our sparkly ‘Make it Monday’ this week.

Follow the quick and easy recipe to make your own Unicorn Horn soap scented with a yummy Candyfloss fragrance. Oh! Don’t forget to go all out on the glitter.

What you will need:


*Makes 2 Soaps*





*Please note; you do not have to use our choice of fragrance and colours. We stock a wide range of both online at www.thesoapkitchen.co.uk. The choices are endless!*



  1. Dice your Melt and Pour soap base in to small cubes.
  2. Put your soap cubes in to a heat-proof jug and place in the microwave to melt. Melt the soap in 30 second bursts whilst checking/stirring as you go.
  3. Once your soap has completely melted, add 5ml of fragrance and stir well.
  4. Now separate half of the melt and pour soap in to another heat-proof jug. You should now have 2 jugs of soap to colour.
  5. Add 1bsp of EcoSparks (Pink Reflections) in to one your jugs and stir thoroughly till the glitter disperses throughout the soap. You should end up with a pearly, shimmery white soap base.
  6. Grab your silicone mould and pour a tiny amount of the shimmery mix in (About 1cm deep). We are going to be layering our soap bases on top of each other to create a multi-coloured soap.
  7. Wait for that first layer to set slightly and create a film on top before adding your next layer. This way your second layer of soap will set on top instead of mixing in with the first layer.
  8. Whilst you wait for the first layer, grab your second jug of uncoloured soap base and add a couple of drops of red/blue liquid colour. Stir well to mix in the colour and then if you’d like to, you could add a pinch of EcoSparks to that soap base too.
  9. Check to see if the first layer in your mould has a film on top. If so, pour in a small amount of your pink soap base to create your second layer. (*if your mixture starts to set in the jug, don’t worry, just pop it back in the microwave for a few seconds)
  10. Repeat this method until you have filled your mould.
  11. Leave to set for a couple of hours (You can speed the time up by putting the mould in to the fridge).
  12. Peel back your mould to reveal your gorgeous Unicorn Horn Soap.
  13. Wow everybody with your magical soaping skills.

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