Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Running a creative business can be great when it comes to the product making part, but sometimes us creatives struggle with the promotional side of things. So we’ve put together a few tips to get you ahead of the marketing game, because there’s no point making lovely stuff if nobody knows its there to buy.

Video Is Key

There is nothing as eye-catching online at the moment as good, video content. With over one billion hours of video being watched on YouTube each day, this is a horse you really should try and jump on the back of. There are so many platforms and types of video now you really have a lot to choose from, and to find the best format for you. You may want to shoot for creating product promotional videos hosted online to showcase the beauty of your products, or you may want to create tutorial videos and teach people your passion.

All you need to create your videos is some kind of a camera and basic editing equipment, which most of us have at hand today in our mobile phones. You can up production using more expensive cameras, or lighting but you don’t need that. Think of the videos you love to watch online, and work out what it is you love about them so much and try to emulate that.

Below are a few advantages to the different platforms you can upload your videos on to.

YouTube- A great, free platform to host your videos, and the second most popular search engine in the world. Once you hit the requirements of Youtubes Partner Programme (it sounds daunting but we know you can do it!) you can also start monetising your videos and gaining income from them.

Twitter- With 82% of Twitter’s audience consuming video content, it’s a great place to post short videos and captions, and a great way to start a conversation with you customers and other people in your community.

Facebook- With over 8 billion videos being watched on Facebook everyday, you can’t argue that it is a great place to share your content. It’s also a great place to join some soaping communities and share the content you create with them.

Influencers Are Influential

In this day and age celebrities don’t just come in the form of actors or musicians, people are becoming ‘influencers’, a term which means what it says, they have the power to influence the community. A lot of people are trying to make their way in the online world, and there is a lot to be said for a great review of your products.

You can find bloggers or YouTubers who work within the beauty community and ask if they would like some free samples of your products in exchange for a review, or you can even pay people to review your products. It’s a very different method of marketing, but some of these people have large, dedicated fan bases and what they say is taken as gospel.

Another thing to mention is if you do struggle to create online content, by enlisting these influencers you can get content created for you which you can then share on your own social media/online platforms.

Plan Ahead!

Sometimes it’s hard to think of something imaginative and original to put online without just posting the same things everyday. In this case, when business is quieter and you have time to  pre-plan you can look at what events are happening over the coming year and pick the ones you want to use to promote yourself. For example, there may be a film release that fits with a product you sell, or if you have vegan products you should push your products online a lot on World Vegan Day!

You can write these all down at the beginning of the year and then you have enough time to pre-plan, make specific creations or just give yourself some time to draft posts, blogs or videos.

It’s also possible to get some scheduling devices for social media, so you can plan your posts and get them scheduled so your social media accounts will just run themselves. With a bit of thought and planning you can have an active social media presence and still be elbows deep in soap.

New Data Protection Legislation

With the arrival of the new data protection legislation back in May, a lot of small business owners are worried about storing their data and not taking steps to use that data to market. When people register with your site by adding a box that asks them if they want to be on a mailing list, a lot of people will tick this box. This means they have opted in and you are able to email them with exclusive offers, product updates and market to them directly. There are many programs and services available that makes crafting and sending your newsletter out really simple, and also helps you with your data by automatically unsubscribing people and deleting their info if that’s what they request. It’s important you know the legislation, but it’s also important you don’t let it scare you into not doing anything with your data.

Under the GDPR you need to have a legitimate reason for using someone’s personal information.

The 6 reasons are:

  • Legitimate Interest
  • Consent
  • Performance of a Contract
  • Vital Interests
  • Legal Obligation
  • Public Duty

So, if they have signed up voluntarily through your site, this will come under ‘consent’ and ‘legitimate interest’ so you’ll be covered. If you are concerned about data protection, the best thing to do is be as up front and honest with your customer’s about everything, then you’ll have nothing to fear!

And that’s it, a few simple marketing tricks to try out. If you have any other tips that have worked for you we would love to hear them, and we are sure others would, so comment them below!

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