Fruity Shower Truffles

Continuing our summertime themed #makeitmonday’s, this week we’ll show you how to make these beautifully fruity little shower truffles, they will make your bathroom smell divine, and are also easy enough for the kids to help make as well.

Ingredients list

300g Bicarbonate of soda

100g Citric acid

20g polysorbate-80

80g shea butter

10ml cherry & melon fragrance

5g Ultra marine pink

5g Chromium oxide green (hydrated) powder

What you’ll need

2 large mixing bowls



6 medium sphere mould

Accurate weighing scales


  • Weigh out the shea butter, place it in the saucepan and gently warm it through until the butter has melted.
  • Add the polysorbate-80, and let the mixture cool down.

  • Weigh out the citric acid and bicarb, mix thoroughly. Add your fragrance to the dry mixture (we’ve used cherry & melon, but anything fruity would work well) then split the mixture into 2 bowls.

  • Add the colour pigment to each bowl and mix until nice and even.

  • Next, pour in the cooled melted shea mixture, adding just enough for the mixture to hold together when squeezed. Don’t overdo the oil or it won’t hold its shape. (Don’t worry if you have some butter left over.)

  • Get your mould and start adding a bit at a time of each colour, pressing firmly.

  • Repeat until all the mixture has been used up, this will make approximately 6 truffles
  • Leave to set for at least an hour before removing from the moulds.

Happy creating! As always, send us your photo’s we’d love to see any variations on this recipe as well, if you have your own tips and tricks we’d love to here, just comment below!

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