Fairy Dust Bath Crystals

This week’s #Makeitmonday we’re taking you into the magical land of the fairies with our fairy dust bath crystals recipe.

What you’ll need



  1. Combine the dendritic salt and the epsom salt
  2. Mix with your hands to remove any lumps
  3. Add your fragrance
  4. Blend in thoroughly using your hands
  5. Add the coarse sea salt to complete your mixture
  6. Finally use your hands to ensure everything is mixed together
  7. Using a small funnel, decant your fairy dust into your bottles
  8. Last but not least, you can copy this label and attach it to your bottles (please note this design is not intended for retail, please use your own design if you wish to sell your fairy dust)
  9. Go and cast some bath time spells!

To watch the ‘How to’ video click the image below.


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