Butterscotch Ombre Candle (ft. ECO SOY)


Its back! The ‘oh so popular’ EcoSoya wax has landed back in the Soap Kitchen. Of course, this calls for a candle related ‘Make it Monday’.  We love a good reason to get stuck in to the candle making ingredients we sell here at TSK and choosing a yummy fragrance is always fun!

Let’s just say, we had sweet treats on the brain!

This week, we are showing you a method on how to achieve multiple shades of colour in your candle. Follow our guide below on how to create a neutral coloured ombre effect or use the same technique to try out different colours. Perhaps a rainbow candle!?


What you’ll need:

  • Double boiler
  • Kitchen hob
  • Accurate weighing scales
  • 2 x 500ml Kilner jars or suitable glass containers for your candles.
  • 2 x LX22 Wicks with sustainers
  • Wick supporter (Handmade – 2 wooden sticks bound at each end) or wick centering tool
  • Thermometer
  • Heat proof jug
  • Wax glue
  • Measuring spoon (To measure fragrance)


  1. 800g ECO Soya wax CB Advanced
  2. 80ml Butterscotch fragrance *This is 10% of fragrance but this wax can hold up to 12% if desired*
  3. 10g Cocoa Brown wax fragments



Step 1:

Start by preparing your candle containers. To do this, take a wick and dab a small amount of wax glue on the bottom of the metal sustainer. Once you have done this, place the wick in the centre of the container (Jar). Press down firmly to ensure the sustainer and wick is secure.

Step 2:

Thread the opposite end of the wick through your supporter and balance the supporter on top of the jar. This is to help the wick stand central for when you are pouring the wax in.

Step 3:

Place your double boiler on the hob. Using a double boiler will help gently heat the wax. Pour all of your wax in to melt. Do not leave unattended.

Each wax has a recommended melting temperature that you should follow when melting your wax. This can vary between waxes and whether its pillar blend or container blend.  You can usually find this information via the product description, their technical documents or even a handy ‘how to make candles’ book.

*Use your thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature when you are melting the wax*

The particular wax used for this #MakeitMonday, has a melting temperature of around 43.3°C to 79.4°C so make sure you stay within those temperatures to gently melt the wax.

Step 4:

Once your wax has completely melted, it’s time to add your fragrance. Lower the level of heat on the hob so that the wax stays warm and liquid. Now with a measuring spoon, add 80ml of Butterscotch fragrance and stir thoroughly.

 Step 5:

Pour 100ml of wax in to a heat proof jug and leave to cool until the wax reaches its recommended pouring temperature.

Why is this important?

Pouring your wax too hot can cause cosmetic issues with your candles such as holes or craters in the wax or a white chalky/frosty layer to appear on the surface.

Step 6:

Once your wax is cool enough, pour 50ml in to each container/jar and leave to set.

Step 7:

Now turn your attention back to the rest of your melted wax that should still be nice a warm on the hob.  Add 1g of Brown fragment to the wax and stir well. This will give you the next shade layer in your ombre candle.

Step 8:

Once the first layer of your candle has set enough that it has created a thick enough film on top, it is time to add the next layer. Again, pour 100ml in to the heatproof jug and measure the temperature to see if it’s the ideal pouring temp. If not, let it cool and then pour when it’s ready.

(You will have noticed the colour of the wax cools to a much lighter shade, so this is something to be aware of when adding more wax chip to your melted wax)

Step 9

Repeat step 7 and 8 until you have used up all your wax. If you want the last couple of layers in your ombre candle to be a nice dark brown, you can use a couple of grams of wax fragments to show a better pigment change in the layers.


Step 10

Leave to set!  It’s best to leave the candle over night before use.

*Do not leave any candles that are lit unattended*

Then enjoy your beautifully scented butterscotch ombre candle. One of the best things about this Eco Soya CB advanced wax is it can hold up to 12% of scent (other varieties we stock hold up to 18% click here for more details) this is fantastic if you’re looking to create a super fragrant candle. It will really fill the air, great now those evenings are growing shorter and more time is being spent indoors.

Happy creating!

As always we’d love to see your own versions, if you’ve followed a #makeitmonday recipe send in your photos, let us know how you got along, or simply leave a message below.




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