Cosy Fireplace Reed Diffuser


A new product always calls for a special ‘MakeitMonday’.

Last week, 3 new seasonal fragrances made their way into the hands of the creative suite staff and it got us excited for the colder months ahead.

With the autumnal equinox falling yesterday, the evenings will now be getting shorter, so it’s time for the jumpers to make an appearance and start getting cosy at home, so, with the addition of our new ‘Fireplace’ fragrance (Similar to the Woodwick Fireside candle) we have created the ultimate cosy DIY home fragrance reed diffuser. This one will be sure to rid you of the summer blues and get you excited for the upcoming seasons and festivities.

What you need:


  1. 150ml Dowanol DPM
  2. 50ml Christmas Fireplace Fragrance (A new fragrance at TSK)


  1. Measure out 150ml of Dowanol DPM in to your jug.
  2. Add 50ml of fragrance to the dowanol and mix well using a spoon.
  3. Decant the mixture in to a 200ml glass jar.
  4. If you wish to leave this for a while before using, be sure to securely put the cork stopper on to the jar. Or if you wish to use this diffuser straight away, place the reeds in to the jar.
  5. Rotate the reeds twice a day to keep your room smelling lovely, fragrant and cosy!

To follow along with our step by step tutorial, please click on the image below, this will take you to our Youtube Channel, where you can find more helpful recipes and other ‘How to’ videos.


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