Halloween Special – Pumpkin Whipped Soap


Want to make some handmade goodies in time for the late October festivities? Look no further, we have adapted our easy whipped soap recipe to reflect a subtle hint of Halloween.

The colours and detail of this soap have been inspired by the popular event but, of course you can apply this recipe to whatever colours and decoration you wish!

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Large stainless steel pan or plastic bowl
  • 3 Heatproof jugs
  • Accurate scales
  • Electric hand whisk
  • Your choice of mould ( Silicone or Wooden) + Greaseproof paper if using wooden
  • Measuring spoons and a normal teaspoon
  • Eye and hand protection *Recommended when handling lye*


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Step 1: Prepare your lye by mixing the exact measurement of water with sodium hydroxide. Start by measuring out 244g of water in a heatproof jug. Then measure out 95g of caustic and carefully add this to the water and stir well. Be as accurate here as possible, a good set of scales is a must. Be careful of the vapour at the beginning and try to hold your breath as you stir until the caustic has full dissolved.

Step 2: The Lye will heat to nearly 200F and we need this to be as cool as possible, so leave it to cool down for a while. You can use a fridge if the room temperature is warm or place the jug of lye in a bowl of cold water. It is important that your lye is a cool room temperature or below in order to achieve the whipped technique.

Step 3: Weigh out 400g of Shea butter and 200g of Coconut in to your stainless steel or plastic bowl. Make sure your oils are solid and not melted.

Step 4: Using an electric whisk, mix the Coconut oil and Shea butter together until all the lumps have been removed and a creamy consistency forms. This may take a few minutes.

Step 5: Gently add the olive oil and mix thoroughly once more.

Step 6: Once all the oils have been nicely combined, slowly and carefully add your lye, again, if you haven’t already, put eye protection gloves on to avoid any splash back from the whisk.

Step 7: *OPTIONAL* Add 20ml of your chosen fragrance or essential oil.

Step 8: Roughly divide your soap batch between your bowl and 2 heatproof jugs. Now you should have 3 separate soap mixes to play with!

Step 9: Colour one jug of mix with charcoal. Once mixed in, spoon out the entire contents in to the bottom of your mould to create your first layer.


Step 10: Using a pipette, colour the other jug of mixture with the Annatto extract, add one drop at a time mixing until you achieve the desired colour. It’s Halloween themed, so let’s make it orange! Spoon this into your mould to create layer two.

Step 11: Keep your third layer uncoloured. Spoon the soap mixture into the mould and then using the back of your teaspoon; manipulate the soap to create peaks along the middle.

Step 12: Sprinkle orange peel and pumpkin seeds along the peaks for decoration.


*Leave to saponify overnight and then cut as desired. Similar to traditional cold process soap, leave the cure for 3-4 weeks before use. Just in time for Halloween!


3 thoughts on “Halloween Special – Pumpkin Whipped Soap

  1. Will I obtain the same results with palm oil instead of shea butter, or a combination of the two? I haven’t tried the whipped method before.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Witch, Thanks for your message. Yes you can replace the shea butter with Palm oil it will give you the exact same results. We usually use palm oil in this recipe but we were trying she for a change.

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