Gingerbread Men Bath Bomb

Sneak peek….our Gingerbread Men Bath Bomb!

We’ve been counting down the days till Christmas since June here at TSK HQ! That’s compulsory when you have to prepare for Christmas campaigns well in advance.  Our bath bomb gingerbread men were by far the stars of the show. You may see them soon in some of our favourite magazine publications.

If you can’t wait to see them, why not make your own, you won’t regret it, the gingerbread fragrance is to die for, and will make your house smell like a Scandinavian Bakery in winter!

What you need:


*Makes 4*

  1. 300g Bicarbonate of soda
  2. 100g Citric acid
  3. 10ml Gingerbread fragrance
  4. 1 Heaped tsp. cocoa powder
  5. 1 Tsp ground nut shell

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Step 1: Measure out the citric and bicarb in to a bowl.

Step 2: Use your fingertips to remove any clumps.

Step 3: Measure out and add 10ml of fragrance. Thoroughly blend the fragrance in to your mix by using your hands.

Step 4: Add 1 heaped tsp of cocoa powder for colouring your gingerbread men.

Step 5: Roughly add 1 tsp of ground nutshell and mix in.

Step 6: Mix up everything your bowl ensuring that all the colour and fragrance has blended in well.

Step 7: Now, a little at a time and working the mixture all the time, spray a little water on it with the hand sprayer. Mix continuously to avoid it fizzing-up in the bowl and ONLY ADD ENOUGH WATER TO HAVE THE MIXTURE START TO HOLD TOGETHER WHEN LIGHTLY SQUEEZED IN YOUR HAND

Step 8: Start filling your mould, ensure it is nice and compact in order to create a good hard and solid bath bomb.

Step 9: Fill all your moulds until all the mixture has been used up, this recipe should make 4 gingerbread men.

Step 10: Leave to harden, over night is best.

If you have had a go at any of our recipe’s we’d love to know how you got along, send us some photos to or simply comment below. These gingerbread men would also work really well alongside our Scandinavian house moulds, you could create your own little winter scene!

As mentioned in the ingredients list, we currently have our Bath Bomb Bundle on sale, so get yours now and grab a bargain!

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