Jewel Coloured Pine Cones soaps

These exclusive Pine Cone moulds are great for adding a bit of seasonal nostalgia to Christmas. They are great for easily experimenting with colour and make unique gifts as well.

What you’ll need:

Before you begin, ensure you’ve read and understood each step and work quickly with melt & pour soap, especially when colouring, as otherwise it will set hard before you’ve finished.

How to…

Step 1. Your first step is to find out how much soap is needed to load your moulds. You can do this by filling the mould with water while it’s on the scales to see the weight and then weigh out your base to the same figure. You should always use a little bit more soap base than you actually need because some of the base will cling to the side of your jug.

(You’ll need approx.100g of base for the pine cone).

Step 2. Next, cut the soap base into small chunks for quicker melting and either melt in a microwave (in a microwave-proof container) at 30 second bursts, alternatively melt gently on a hob in a saucepan on a low heat. Do not overheat the soap, you only need to just melt the soap, it is ok to remove it from the heat whist there are still a few lumps and letting the residual heat continue to melt it.  Carefully stir the soap until all the chunks are completely gone, revealing a smooth consistency. Caution: Once the soap is melted, be extremely careful the melt and pour soap base can get very hot!

Step 3. Add your essential or fragrance oils, stick to 2% of your recipe, so for every 100g of soap base you can add 2g (2ml) of essential oil or fragrance oil. Use a pipette or measuring spoon for accurate measurements.

Step 4. Now you can add some colour. As micas are powder it can help to mix them with a little oil or glycerine first to make a smooth paste, then add the soap base and mix well until the colour is fully incorporated.

Step 5. Now  pour the soap mix into your mould, spray with alcohol to remove any surface bubbles and leaving to set. Then you can repeat these steps with different colours & bases, whatever takes your imagination!

Allow the soap to completely harden before you try to remove it from the mould. You can speed up this process by placing it in the fridge.

OK… clean up time. One important tip: It is vital that you wash all equipment by hand and not in the dishwasher. The excess soap that sticks to your equipment can cause too many suds and make your dishwasher leak. …not fun!

If you’re an avid Mollie Makes reader then you’ll be seeing these colourful soap cones in their next issue, out on Sale Thursday Nov 1st. we’re over the moon with the editorial, and hope you like it too! If you want to sign up to their magazine simply click here

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