Product Development- with Dartmoor Skincare Co

Our next instalment with The Dartmoor Skincare Company is here. This week Tara Leader, founder of the company, gives us an insight into how her new products get from the kitchen and onto the shelves, we hope you find this useful.

Product development

After perfecting our recipes, as with all cosmetic products to be sold in the EU, they need to be officially passed as safe by a laboratory. This is now a familiar and straightforward process for us as we use the same UK laboratory for each new product that we launch. When we receive the official paperwork from the microbiologists to say our product is compliant we then contact our graphic designer Sara Venner from Kimono Design in Tavistock, Devon. She created our branding so ensures new packaging is designed to be in keeping with our current range and helps choose colours to compliment the other products.

It’s so exciting to receive the finished labels and get them on the products! As soon as this is done we dispatch the finished product to our photographer Nick at Nicholas Rigg Photography in Holsworthy where he shoots the images for our website. Once these are done they are sent to Zoe Ryan of ZR Digital in Exeter where she adds them to the website, and bingo we are ready for sales!

You may have noticed that everyone that helps in the process is based in Devon, we love to keep it local. Even the soap labels are printed in Devon by one of the most eco-friendly printers in the world, Ashely House Printing Company. They source sustainable print materials and use vegan inks as well as supporting numerous charities.

Our new product: Shampoo Bar

Our customers have been asking us for some time now to produce shampoo bars. More and more people are looking to buy eco-friendly products with zero waste packaging. We were sceptical to say the least, how could a shampoo bar lather up and clean your hair? And so began our months of testing and we were totally converted. Not only does the bar lather up beautifully, but it leaves hair perfectly clean and shiny. All of this from a 100% natural product, we were feeling really excited!

We experimented with different blends of oils and found the best combination of seven oils to really nourish and cleanse our hair.

We made lots of bars and shared them with the clients I see through my beauty treatment business to get honest feedback from real women. The feedback was overwhelming with ladies commenting on how they were totally in love with the bar, how it gave body to their usually flat hair, and how shiny it was. I enjoyed taking my bar on holiday, so much lighter than a shower gel! Many sceptics, like us, were converted.

We are delighted to announce that our Shampoo bar has gone through all the development stages and is now available for sale in two different fragrances. (currently out of stock due to popularity but back from Nov 3rd )

Insta: @dartmoorskincare

Tara Leader, The Dartmoor Skincare Company

Here at the Soap Kitchen, we do all our product development in house, from creating and perfecting a new recipe, designing and printing our labels, uploading new products onto our website and finally promotion through social media and magazine advertisements. We have grown into a big enough company that has the means to employ all the correct people for these jobs under one roof.

This article proves that even smaller up and coming companies can do all this too. Find out what areas can be done yourself and then outsource or get help from professionals with the things that can’t.


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