Firework Swirl Soap- Technique Focus- Lazy susan swirl

Remember, remember, the 5th November!

In honour of Firework night we thought it’d be appropriate to show off a random, fun and colourful soap design technique.

If you’re an experienced soap maker, why not give this method a try? You’ll uncover all sorts of fabulous patterns upon un-moulding.  Once cut, each bar is completely unique!

*Please note, this is a technique focus and therefore you will need to know your recipe and the simple steps to cold process soap making before you start the method.


Before you begin this technique, make sure have these things at the ready:

  1. Enough jugs set out for each of your chosen colour variations.
  2. The prepared lye
  3. Oils measured and mixed together so that they are ready to be combined with the lye
  4. Fragrance and colours to hand.
  5. The mould lined and stood upon a spinning lazy susan.

You’re going to need to act quickly once you have hit ‘trace’ so the more you have ready, the easier this will be.  A second pair of hands is worth having!

Step one:

Combine the lye with your oils as usual. Blend or whisk until you reach a ‘light trace’.

Step two:

Add your chosen fragrance and whisk.

Step three:

Separate your mix equally in to each jug ready for each colour variation.

Step four:

Add your colours to each jug of mix. Example of this below…

*If you’re lucky enough to have a second pair of hands, ask them to keep gently stirring each jug of soap mix to avoid it from getting too thick and potentially setting*

Watch the video below for a simple demonstration on how to pour each colour in to your mould and how to finish this technique by spinning your mould on the lazy Susan.

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