Have a Merry Craftmas


Say no to mass-produced Christmas

It is becoming more and more apparent that our traditional ‘mass produced’ Christmas that we have all been so used to over the last few decades, is getting far less fashionable. In light of the recent startling affects that plastic consumption has had on our environment, a ripple affect has been created leading individuals to question many of the everyday actions they usually take, this includes Christmas habits, mainly present buying.

With the festive season on our doorstep, it is the time for giving and showing your loved ones you care. How can we do this and also show the environment we care too? Well, one BIG reason we think everyone should adhere to this year….buy local, buy craft, buy small batch!

With the overwhelming power of social media, I have noticed so many of these photos popping up:

Could this be the time for the little guy?

Monster online retailers will always be there, but maybe the once seen as ‘niche’ crafting goods market is expanding. Here are a few reasons we think buying craft and buying local should be top of your Christmas shopping list this year:

Why buy local?

  • Unique products- buying something that isn’t mass produced, you’ll be less likely to look like everyone else- stand out, be your own person!
  • Supporting local businesses, keeping the ‘little guy’ going. Stop the takeover of the giant corporate companies. Support local economy growth!
  • Discover things about what you’re buying. Find out the story behind the maker, their driver, their passion, then pass that onto the person you’re giving the gift to. Make it memorable!
  • Some makers even offer a service to personalise items, making them that little bit more special.
  • It’s more environmentally friendly, so no big factories or shipping costs.
  • Know exactly where the materials are sourced. The likelihood is that if you’re buying handmade, they will have used locally & ethically sourced ingredients.
  • Quality not quantity! Get things that are built to last, not break. Let’s keep mass produced tat out of the landfill! Makers sell their wares with pride, and anything that doesn’t pass their quality check, they will not sell!
  • Invest a bit of your money, initially people think cheap is better, but I can hear my mother’s voice ‘you buy cheap you buy twice’ and she’s always right!
  • Not sure where to start? Go on social media, most craft markets advertise through Facebook & Instagram so find out what’s happening near you and go along.
  • Keep craft skills and traditions alive for longer. What kind of world would we be in if these ancient skills were lost- wood carving, glass blowing, upholstery, jewellery making, felting…Let’s keep the world beautiful through craft.
  • Make the maker smile- every sale no matter how big or small, you’re guaranteeing to make that person happy.

It’s actually a more enjoyable shopping experience too, no more crowded department stores, fighting for the last pair of lambs wool socks. At a craft market all the lovely stalls are together in one place, even get a hog roast roll and cup of mulled wine whilst you browse. Many markets even have a gift wrapping section too, so you don’t even have to struggle with curling ribbons and sticky tape fingers! (Usually a winner for the male shoppers 😉). Or if crowds aren’t you’re thing at all, shop online at places like etsy and notonthehighstreet.


“Remember when you support a small business, you are helping families feed their kids and pay their mortgage, not adding a few more zeros to a celebrity’s bank account”

Get a gift for someone you love and make someone do their happy dance at the same time- spread the love this Christmas!

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