Natural Christmas Wreath

December is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about some festive decorations. So our director Lesley has decided to share with you all a quick and easy way to create a Christmas wreath using natural or recycled materials.

Over to you Lesley…

It’s that time of year again and thought I might go through some of our stock and make a Christmas wreath. We have various ribbons that are used for wrapping soap and product promotion and we stock a lot of lovely dried botanicals, cinnamon and orange being ideal for the project. I have re-used some florist wire and added wooden hearts that were free with a craft magazine and I painted with chalk paint. The twig wreath came from a craft shop.

This was relatively quick to make. I grouped the individual components in threes, twisting with the wire and adding ribbon to hide it. Also I grouped the hearts in clusters with string, wire and ribbon. I then wrapped the wire onto the wreath evenly spaced.


Hey presto a completed wreath. This is quite basic and it can easily be made more individual by adding other dried botanicals such as star anise (I suggest using a glue gun for that) or tied dried lavender bunches. It could also be scented using some drops of orange & cinnamon fragrance oil or lavender oil onto the wreath which would be lovely indoors. Or your favourite winter scent, so many to choose from.

Nearer Christmas I hope to add in some evergreen foliage such as bay or holly and put the wreath on a door to welcome the festive season.

Let’s see your creations!

If you have recently made a wreath using natural materials we would love to see your creations, please either leave a comment below, send us a photo to any of our social media sites, let’s spread the inspiration & creativity.


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