Air Dry Clay Decorations

With the arrival of December this week’s #makeitmonday means we’re officially allowed to get festive!!! In the run up to Christmas we’ll be showcasing a few different handmade decoration & gift ideas, to make your house a beautiful festive warm space or give something to your loved ones to cherish, all whilst keeping costs down, what’s not to like!

Get the recipe

We’re using our easy air dry clay recipe which you can find here.

We made 2 batches in total, the first we left plain white, and the 2nd we experimented by adding Cosmetic glitter to the dough, creating a lovely subtle sparkle throughout.

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What you’ll need

  • Ready to use Air dry clay (need to let it cool down before using)
  • Rolling Pin
  • Cookie cutters- we used snowflakes & stars
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Acrylic paint/ gold mica mixed with alcohol (choose your own festive colour palette-we used gold)
  • Natural ingredients as stamps- star anise, evergreen leaves
  • Ribbon
  • GLITTER!- the more the better!

Roll & Cut

Get a ball of the cooled down clay, roll it out on the grease proof (so nothing sticks to the table) to about 5mm thick.

After cutting a few, we found that it’s best to first imprint the pattern from the leaf/star anise, then cut out the shape (the pattern keeps its form)

Cut out various shapes, try and get nice and close so you maximise the amount of decorations the clay can make.

Paint & Decorate

Using either mica alcohol mix or acrylic paint, get decorating, some pieces we left plain white, some we lightly brushed with gold, leaving the impression of the pattern white- this looked really effective.

Don’t forget to cut out holes to hang ribbons through (We used the end of a pen!)

Let it Set

The air dry clay will take between 24-48hrs to fully harden. Once it’s ready, thread your chosen pieces of ribbon through the holes, then use as tree decorations, bunting or wrap up as little gifts.


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