Handmade Christmas Decoration Ideas

Michael Buble is being played in the office, the glitter is out, the heater is on and we’re all hugging mugs of tea, that can only mean one thing… it’s December!!!!

If, like us, December is the official time to begin the festive household decorating, then we’ve got a few ideas for you. We’ll be posting specific techniques & tutorials through our #makeitmonday (click the titles to go to the article) but here’s a few ideas to get your creative festive juices flowing.

Natural wreath:

Buy your own ‘shell’ wreath from a craft store (or bind your own with wicker/twigs & sticks) then get creative with the addition of natural ingredients such as:

  • cinnamon sticks
  • dried orange peel
  • star anise
  • Evergreen foliage (bay leaves, holly sprigs..)
  • Dried lavender bunches


To enhance your festive wreath even add a few drops of fragrance or essential oil of your choice…Christmas Spice? Mistletoe? Frankincense & Myrrh? for a list of all our seasonal fragrances click here

Air Dry Clay Hanging Decorations:


Follow our super simple air dry clay recipe (click here to go to recipe) then roll out the dough and start cutting away a variety of different Christmas shapes. We added some glitter into the dough mixture, which creates a lovely subtle sparkle throughout the clay. Don’t forget to add a hole for the ribbon or string (depending on what you’re making) Then decorate with paint, glitter or leave white. We also used fresh leaves, star anise, and some festive textures found from previous soap mould designs and imprinted these onto the clay.

Air Dry Clay- Tea Light Holders:

Using the same air dry clay recipe, why not try a tea light holder. Make a cardboard cone big enough to sit over a tea light, use the paper template to cut the clay, then add your own design by cutting out stars or holes so light can shine through. Experiment with different sizes, groups of 3 always look great!*This takes a fairly delicate touch and a much thinner rolled clay than the decorations.

Cinnamon Stick Pillar Candle:

Using pillar wax, make some pillar candles scented with something Christmas-y. (Aluminium Pillar mould click here, for a range of pillar waxes click here ) Once you have taken the candle out of the pillar mould, using a heat gun (or hairdryer on high) warm the edges of the wax and firmly press cinnamon sticks around the edge. It may be easier to use an elastic band or tie with a ribbon to hold the sticks in place, then heat the wax. Once everything is secure add any other decorations such as berries, buttons, leaves or holly…


As always, if you have ideas of your own that you would like to share with us, please comment below! Happy decorating everyone!


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