Sparkling Soap Stars

This week’s #makeitmonday is a super easy recipe, something great that the kids can get involved with on a cold winter night, get cosy and creative with these super simple sparkling soap stars. These little guys were our ‘star’ (excuse the pun!) of our Christmas advertising campaign…sometimes the phrase ‘is that too much glitter?’ just isn’t necessary, so get your sparkle on!

What you’ll need:

Step 1

See how much soap base you will need, decide how many stars you’d like to make, then simply fill the mould with water whilst on the scales & times this by the number you’d like to make. Measure out the same weight of base, always best to have a little extra, as some will stick to the jug sides. For the campaign photos, we used both Claranol white and Claronal clear, any melt & pour base is suitable, so it’s down to personal preference.

Step 2

Cut the base into small cubes so it’s quicker to melt. Put into the heat resistant jug and melt in the microwave in bursts of 30seconds (so you can monitor the melting process) alternatively use a small saucepan on a low heat hob. ***Do not overheat, if there are a few lumps left, take it off the heat and gently stir- a very hot base can melt and dis-form the plastic mould…

Step 3

Add any fragrance or essential oil now, use 2% of your recipe. For every 100g 2ml can be added.

Step 4

Add your colour, because micas are a powder, it can be easier to combine it into the base when it is mixed with a little oil (this is optional, stirring thoroughly until combined also works)

Step 5

Pour into the star moulds, spraying with alcohol on the surface to remove any bubbles.

***The base will start to harden so work fairly quickly to fill all your moulds.

Step 6

Ensure the soap has fully hardened before removing from the moulds, placing them in the fridge will quicken the process.

Remember to wash all equipment used by hand, kids come in very handy with this bit 😉

Look out for our Sparkling soap stars in the current issue of Mollie Makes, went on sale Nov 29th!




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