Eco-Brown Wrapping Paper

Here’s one for all you last minute wrappers, pimp your brown paper! *Eco note- do the scrunch test: if wrapping paper bounces back after you’ve scrunched it into a ball, it has plastic in it so will have to go into the bin. Brown paper- 100% recyclable!

What you’ll need:

  • Brown paper
  • White emulsion paint
  • Small roller
  • Stamps of your choice
  • Any additional paint for detailing
  • Lots of space!

(for our stamps we have used original former’s designed by Colin for our soap moulds- if you’re a Crafts Beautiful reader, over the past few issues they have been giving stamp sets away free with the magazines- alternatively you can use the old potato stamp method, or whatever you can find around the house- get experimental see what works!)

Stamp away!

Lay out your paper, using weights to keep the corners down. Carefully add some paint onto your roller (rolling on a tray to distribute the paint more evenly) then apply a layer to your stamp (not too much or the image will distort, but enough to cover the area) then print on the paper, pressing firmly and confidently to avoid smudging the image. Re-apply a thin layer of paint each time to the stamp and repeat spreading out the prints evenly to create a beautiful pattern.

The reindeer stamp came out really well, prancing across the page!

With the holly collection I added some speckles of gold mica and did more of a random ‘up’ and ‘down’ pattern.

On the Christmas tree one, I tried to experiment and did a gold tree upside down (I used mica mixed with alcohol- this didn’t take so I would recommend using acrylic instead, but the idea is there!)

The moose head has to be my favourite though, a simple diagonal repeated pattern, awesome design by the wonderful Colin! I think even the sightly smudged print looks great, it shows the handmade aspect.

Get Wrapping

It will only take a few minutes to dry, then you can get busy & finish your present wrapping, it looks great with the addition of bright coloured ribbon. And remember, this can be recycled, so tell your friends & family and let’s keep it out of the landfill!!!

From everyone here at the Soap Kitchen, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!


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