Customisable Labels

Are you looking to expand your brand?

How about selling toiletries? Here at The Soap Kitchen we have done everything for you, all you need to decide is what you want to sell, what fragrance to choose from and which label design best suits you.


Why buy Wholesale?

  • Handmade to order- small batch quality products
  • A variety of pre-assessed finished products- no need to obtain CPSR yourself
  • Available in bulk- pack down to your own desired size
  • Available pre-packaged/bottled
  • Expand your brand with no hassle products!

It’s important to note that before any cosmetic or toiletry product can be sold legally in the UK or EU a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) must be obtained. For more information our finished wholesale products hold valid CPSR – no need to worry!

We are in the process of creating a new Wholesale Brochure, but all wholesale products can be viewed online, competitive prices if you are a registered trade customer (Click here to register) Click here for wholesale products

Step 1 – Choose your product

Step 2 – Choose your label design

6 new designs to choose from, all printed on high quality water resistant Polypropylene Gloss stickers:

Once you have chosen your design, select your fragrance from the drop down menu, and add your quantity-minimum order is 10 so you won’t break the bank if you only want small batches!

Above are the different fragrance lip balms available in the ‘Plain’ design.

These are the available hand & moisturising cream fragrances available shown in the ‘Modern’ design.

Here is a selection of Foam Wash available in the ‘Floral’ design.

Rose geranium bath crystals in pre-packaged bottle shown here in the ‘Classic’ design.

We also stock a range of men’s products too, including; shaving soap, foam wash & aftershave creams. Showcased in the ‘Antique’ design.

Above is a selection of handmade natural soap. These are available as individual 75g bars or large 5kg blocks. Design shown is the ‘Botanical’ range.

Step 3 – Send in your artwork

  • All label orders need to be finalised by emailing a few details to
  • Company name & address, email or tel & (optional) website- these will be displayed on the rear label.
  • Company logo artwork, formats accepted (minimum 300dpi no lower or quality will be lost- Jpeg, TIFF or PDF) this will be on the front label- if you don’t have a logo, that’s fine just your name will be sufficient.
  • N.b Designs not recommended with logos- Botanical & Modern- exceptions for simple logos, if unsure please email to check suitability.


Step 4 – Keep records

Make a note of each batch number on your product so that it can be traced back to the valid CPSR.

Step 5 – Be legal

If you are selling any of our cosmetic products under your own name and brand you are obligated to notify the products under your company name on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP).

Need more?

Once we have your company’s details on file, re-ordering is easy!

Please note, these labels are designed for use only with finished products manufactured by the Soap Kitchen.


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