When Mollie Makes came to TSK

Behind the scenes with the magazines…!

We were very excited about hosting the wonderful team from ‘Mollie Makes‘ & ‘In The Moment‘ here in our creative suite at the Soap Kitchen. Casting my mind back to August last summer, we had a full day of soap making planned for the lovely editor of ‘Project Calm’ Lara (whose sister magazine is ‘In the Moment’ who was also ex-editor of Mollie Makes) she was more than ready to get stuck in.

Beckie, who manages partnership content for 17 different creative lifestyle & craft magazines for Immediate, was overseeing everything from the sidelines and managing the day beautifully, keeping everyone busy and on schedule, but also making sure no one went hungry! And last but not least, was the talented Simon with his fantastic array of photography equipment (making me ever so slightly envious!) turning our humble little work space into a professional studio within minutes…Let the soap making begin!

Planning props

Before the shoot we were corresponding via email figuring out what products were needed for the day, so our manufacture team could ‘Blue Peter’ some specific soaps in advance. We also needed to decide upon props and backgrounds for the day, funnily enough the photo board Beckie was about to buy (specifically for the shoot) we already had here in the creative suite and had just been using for our winter campaign adverts… great minds!!!

The day comprised of:

  • Making a cold process soap for ‘In The Moment’- Frankincense & vanilla and cinnamon & orange, very natural organic theme for full page advertorial. (click here for full recipe)
  • Melt & Pour sparkling stars for ‘Mollie Makes’- bright & colourful full page advertorial. (click here for full recipe)
  • Pine cone soap for ‘Mollie Makes’- mimicking an old front cover from one of the first issues, in an array of various colour palettes. Full page feature (click here for full recipe)
  • An interview with our directors Lesley & Richard- In the Moment full page advertorial.

Soap Preparation

To prepare for this, we made a special pine cone mould as the only ones we had were a tad on the small side. Jo & Immy made a variety of different colour melt & pour pine cone soaps (probably between 20-30 little soaps) using clear and white bases, eco sparks and coated micas. Jo also made the two cold process soaps- an orange & cinnamon and frankincense & vanilla (a few weeks in advance so they both had time to cure) so they could be photographed as the finished products on the day.

After Simon had finished setting up, we were ready to make soap. Kicking off with the Cold Process soap, this advertorial was to be released in November, so the slightly festive theme of Frankincense, vanilla, orange & cinnamon was our brief, all in a rustic natural kitchen style matching the ‘In the Moment’ ethos.

Next was melt & pour brightly coloured soap stars, where Lara was creating her own colour by mixing (just like paint) the Zenicolor tubes.

Richard & Lesley, the Soap Kitchen directors had an in depth interview with Lara this was for ‘In the Moment’ the title piece was ‘Working with Nature’, she asked them how the company came about and what spurred them into the soap making world, and specifically how they find and source the best ingredients on the market. This was followed by a little photo shoot of the both of them, which will be featured in the current issue that went on sale Jan 8th.

Finally the last part of the day was the finished product photo shoots. Simon set up his equipment, then he had 3 different features to shoot; the pine cones, the Frankincense cold process and the brightly coloured melt & pour stars. In the ever so cool & retro Blue Peter fashion, all soaps were made in advance by Jo & Immy so they could be photographed on the same day as Lara was pictured making them.

Overall, the team worked incredibly hard getting all the content needed for the advertorials and we were so pleased to have hosted them. After a full day of setting up, organising, making, designing & photographing, they got straight back on the road and drove home to Bristol. This was just a little insight into how much work and people power goes into producing magazines, to think this was just for a few pages of content let alone an entire issue!

It was such a great experience for all of us here in little old Devon…next time TSK creative team in Bristol???

To finish off here is my favourite set of photos, the ‘making of’ and the finished outcome, we hope you’ve enjoyed our sneak peak of the creative department here at TSK, and hopefully you’ll recognise a few of these advertorials in Mollie Makes & In The Moment magazines.


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